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3 Wheel Walkers – Which Rollator is the Best?

A lack of mobility doesn’t need to stop you from living a fulfilled life. When going to a physical therapist or doctor, they will often recommend a few different mobility aides that can help you remain mobile while aiding in your overall balance.

The most common mobility aides include:

But there is a lesser known option: the three wheel walker or three wheel rollator.

3 Wheel Rollators

Weight Capacity
More Information
Winnie Lite Supreme
11 pounds
300 pounds
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Nova Traveller
14.7 pounds
250 pounds
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Trio Roller Walker
7.5 pounds
250 pounds
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Benefits of the 3 Wheeled Walker

3 wheeled rollatorThe 3 wheel rollator only slightly different than the four wheel walker. First and foremost, when choosing a three wheel walker, you’ll benefit from:

  • Maneuverability: The 3 wheel design includes one wheel in the front with the purpose of being able to make turns easier. A four wheel option needs to be picked up or moved in a cumbersome manner, which doesn’t allow for the same fluid mobility that the 3 wheeled walker allows.
  • Lighter: A lack of a fourth wheel allows these walkers to be lighter to move. And you’ll also find that they fit better in the back seat of an automobile or in the trunk.
  • Locking Brakes: Re-positioning a walker or even sitting in a chair while holding onto a rolling walker is a recipe for disaster. The walker can move out of your reach, or you may attempt to put weight on the walker and fall as it moves across the floor. Three wheeled walkers come with locking brakes that keep the walker firmly in place when you need it most.
  • Storage Bags: The one drawback to many mobility aides is the fact that storage or carrying items is difficult – if not impossible. Trying to carry a cup or plate when walking with a cane in a strong hand and having a weak opposing hand can be very problematic. The majority of three-legged walkers come equipped with storage bags or baskets that allow the user to carry items with ease.

Drawbacks of a 3 Wheeled Rollat

There are a few drawbacks with a 3- versus 4-wheeled walker. When choosing the three-wheeled option, you’ll find the following drawbacks:

  • Less Stable: Inherently, the three wheel design is less stable than the four wheel option. A lack of a fourth wheel may not work well for a person that puts extreme weight on their walker or has severe balance issues.

This is the only real drawback experienced with a three wheel design. Another issue may also be experienced if you have a walker with a built-in seat. More and more people are using the seated option on their walker, which allows for a much-needed rest after a long walk.

So, if this sounds like you, it may be better to remain with the four wheel design – or discuss your options with a physical therapist that you know and trust.

The one thing to consider is the maximum weight that the walker can bear if you need significant help with walking.

Our Recommendation for 3 Wheeled Rollators

The following walker/rollators are ones that we highly recommend. They have outstanding reviews, are durable, maneuverable and won’t break the bank. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with any of these models.

1.      Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme

Winnie Lite SupremeThe Winnie Lite offers a tan finish, 7.5” tires and a height of 26”. The handle heights can be adjusted from 31” – 38” in height so that users of all heights can use the Winnie – no matter the height.

Weighing just 15 pounds, this three-wheel walker can accommodate user weights up to 300 pounds.

And when it comes to carrying personal items, the walker’s plaid pouch will allow you to transport anything from a wallet to groceries or clothes with ease. Offering a solid build, the larger tires allow you to walk over difficult terrain with ease (grass, sand, etc.), and the three wheeled design increases mobility and maneuverability.

The handbrakes allow for easy and safe turning, and a special loop allows for easy locking.

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2.      NOVA Medical Products Traveler 3-Wheel Walker

Nova medical 3 wheel walkerThe NOVA Traveler is a little less stylish than our first pick, but it comes with a few additional features that make it a smart purchase for a heavy-duty walker. A metal basket with a lid is present, allowing users to carry items safely with the help of their walker.

This model does fold, making it easy to store in a closet or in the trunk of a car.

Users can adjust the height of the handles between 33” and 37.25”, which also makes this a good choice for heights of 5’4” – 6’2”. A maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds is present, which may be a concern for larger users.

Hand brakes and locks are present, too. The locks are especially helpful as they can be locked to change positions without the walker moving in the process.

The Traveler is a good choice for users of all mobility ranges.

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3.      3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker

trio walker rollatorThe Trio Walker is a lightweight walker with a narrower front, which makes it the ideal choice if you’re trying to maneuver tight corners. Compact, the Trio can fold for easy storage and transport.

Taller and shorter users alike are able to comfortably adjust the handle height of the walker.

Wheel size is a large 7.5”, which allows users to walk on harder surfaces and terrains, such as through gravel or thicker grass, with less risk of getting stuck in the process. Locking brakes are present, which will lock the walker into place so that it won’t wiggle or move during readjustment.

The large storage bag has ample space with pockets that are ideal for cellphones and ID cards.

Lightweight in design, the Trio weighs just 7.5 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds – perfect for most users. Height adjustments can range from 31.75” – 38”, which is high enough for users of up to 6’2” in height.

Only you know if a three wheeled walker is the right option for you. Easier to maneuver and lighter in weight, many elderly and disabled persons have found that the three wheeled walker provides a boost to their overall mobility and function – a major bonus for anyone with mobility issues.

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