Best Coccyx Cushion For Relieving Your Sciatica Back Pain

back pain

Society sits a lot. Working at desks, watching TV, typing away to friends on Facebook or commuting to work for 45 minutes requires people to sit for long periods of time. This is one of the biggest causes of coccyx pain. As we spend more time off of our feet, pain and discomfort start to present itself over time. Unfortunately, people don’t start dealing with it before it becomes unbearable.

Prolonged sitting can cause major discomfort, sciatica pain and even misaligned spines.

If you must sit, which many people have to do, the proper coccyx seat cushion can help realign the spine, take pressure off the back and sciatic nerve.  The best part is that these coccyx seat cushions are very affordable, can offer immediate relief and can be put on most chairs. They also provide much needed back support.

For around $30, you can save yourself a lot pain and discomfort and greatly enhance your life. To help you make the right choice; below, we review the three best Coccyx seat cushions on the market this year.

If you’re suffering from back or sciatic pain, you will want to grab a cup of coffee and read through these reviews. These coccyx cushions are a great starting point when dealing with prolonged tailbone and lower back pain.

Before we show you our favorites… if you are unaware of the term Coccyx. The Coccyx is better known as a tailbone. This bone is located at the bottom of the spine, and it serves as the attachment for muscles, ligaments and tendons. Tailbone pain can radiate to the lower back and cause intense discomfort.

The specialized cushions below are designed to alleviate coccyx and sciatica pain. They will get you back on your feet and walking in no time. The tailbone pillows below are the best coccyx cushions for back and tailbone pain you can find today.

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ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Memory Foam
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ComfiLife Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion
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Cush Comfort Memory Foam
Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion
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Our Top 3 Coccyx Seat Cushion Picks

1. ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain

ComfiLife offers a gel-enhanced, non-clip memory foam cushion that has a built-in handle for easy transport. A neutral gray exterior allows this cushion to match any decor, and this model supports the tailbone, relieves pressure and provides relief from sciatica, back and aylio coccyx pain.

This orthopedic seat cushion features:

  • Non-slip design
  • Gray exterior
  • Coccyx memory foam
  • Built-in handle
  • Zippered velour cover for easy cleaning
  • Cool-off gel layer for added comfort

Portable, you’ll be able to carry this cushion with you wherever you go, ensuring relief from pain caused by:

  • Sciatica
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Herniated discs
  • Pregnancy
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sitting long hours
  • Coccyx

Durable, high quality materials allow this to be a comfortable, U-shaped seat that can be placed on an office chair, airplane seat, wheelchair or anywhere else where you need comfort when sitting.

The memory foam seat cushion’s dimensions are 14” x 12” x 1.5”.

If you’re forced to sit for long hours, you owe it to yourself to maintain proper posture and sit in comfort. I feel that this is the best coccyx seat cushion for tailbone relief.

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2. Xtreme Comfort Coccyx Memory Foam Cushion

Xtreme Comfort Coccyx Memory Foam Cushion

Made with Deluxe Body Active Memory Foam, Xtreme Comfort’s coccyx pillow retains its shape while providing you with a comfortable, pain-relieving cushion.

Xtreme Comfort’s seat cushion has the following features:

  • Orthopedic U-shape
  • Contoured surface for even weight distribution
  • Dimensions: 18” x 14” x 3”

This seat cushion’s special memory foam never gets lumpy or flat, so it continues to provide your body with the comforting support it needs. The durable nylon mesh cover is breathable to prevent overheating and to keep you comfortably cool.

The non-skid bottom also keeps the cushion in place on every surface. Even on a slick wooden dining room chair, this pillow will stay in place.

The Xtreme Comfort seat cushion helps with:

  • Proper posture
  • Improved circulation
  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Hip pain
  • Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Hemorrhoids

The nylon cover is removable and washable, so care and maintenance are a breeze. If you want a breathable cushion that’s easy to care for, Xtreme Comfort’s coccyx cushion is a great option.

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3. Everlasting Comfort Coccyx Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Coccyx Cushion

Made from pure memory foam, Everlasting Comfort’s coccyx pillow helps alleviate pain while improving posture.

This coccyx cushion features:

  • 100% memory foam
  • Heat responsive design
  • Orthopedic U-shape for improved ergonomics
  • Non-slip gel rubber bottom
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Dimensions: 17.5” x 13.5” x 2.8”
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs.

The unique design of this cushion is recommended by orthopedists around the world to reduce pressure and pain in key areas of the body. Because of its smart design, this cushion provides instant pain relief.

This cushion also uses heat responsive technology to ensure the memory foam conforms to your unique body shape. The premium memory foam holds its shape, so you always get the supporting comfort you need.

Everlasting Comfort’s cushion helps with:

  • Sciatica
  • Coccyx and tailbone pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Leg and hip pain
  • Posture issues

The non-slip rubber bottom allows you to use this cushion on any seat, including kitchen chairs, car seats, computer chairs, wheelchairs and more. Plus, the machine-washable cover allows for easy care and cleaning.

The cushion cover comes in five colors: black, blue, gray, navy blue and red.

Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam seat cushion is a great option for anyone who wants a non-slip pillow with an orthopedic design.

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4. ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Do you have back or sciatica pain? Relief is possible. The ComfiLife orthopedic cushion is designed for the two places people sit the most: in the office and the car. This office chair and car seat cushion features a gray exterior, and the ergonomic design provides support and comfort.

Designed for pressure relief of the coccyx, the U-shaped cut-out promotes a healthy posture that is indicative of a pain-free back.

This cushion features:

  • High-density memory foam
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Built-in handle
  • Zippered velour cover

ComfiLife guarantees this cushion or your money back.

If you’re not satisfied, the company will refund your money with no questions asked. Lightweight, you can bring this seat cushion with you anywhere you go – and it’s recommended if you have back or sciatic pain.

When the cover gets dirty – and it will – just unzipper it and throw it into the washing machine. You’ll find that this cushion helps to alleviate back and sciatica pain, spinal misalignment, herniated discs, back pain caused by pregnancy, and so much more.

The cushion’s dimensions are 17.7” x 13.7” x 2.8”.

The outside of the tailbone pillow is very soft, and the memory foam cushion maintains its thickness and texture even after sitting on it for weeks. Posture and pressure is relieved after just a few days of sitting on the ComfiLife tailbone cushion.

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5. Memory Foam Seat Cushion by Cush Comfort (Extended)

Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Non-slip, the final memory foam cushion on our list is made by Cush Comfort. This coccyx seat cushion is designed to provide support and alleviate pain caused by sitting and spinal alignment issues. The cushion can also alleviate pain from any sitting-related causes.

Instant relief is provided, and the cut-out suspends the tailbone to provide relief from:

  • Numbness
  • Point pressure
  • Lower back pain
  • Coccyx and tailbone pain

You’ll never want to sit in your office chair without your cushion again. When placed on any chair surface, the cushion remains in place thanks to the non-slip bottom. You won’t have to re-position the seat cushion multiple times like you must do with competing cushions.

A deeper ergonomic shape allows the cushion to hug your bottom when you sit for a long time. The extra depth allows for a better distribution of your weight, which alleviates point pressure and improves your posture.

Third-party tested, the material is odorless and safe. The company also uses 100% high-grade memory foam to ensure that the foam doesn’t go flat over time like competing coccyx cushions.

And the company states that the coccyx pain cycle is reduced after just 30 seconds of sitting on their coccyx pillow. It provides you with instant pain relief when you need it.

A lifetime money-back guarantee is offered to ensure that you get your money’s worth when ordering. If the cushion ever goes flat or doesn’t provide the support you need, you can return the cushion or get a replacement.

When considering durability and the foam’s ability to maintain shape, this may be the best coccyx seat cushion on the market. While the description doesn’t mention it, there is a zipper that allows you to remove the cover and wash as needed.

The extended size is ideal for larger users, and the dimensions of the coccyx cushion are 16” x 17” x 2.7”.

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Coccyx Cushion Buying Guide

When buying a coccyx cushion, there are several things that you should consider, including:

Cushion Shape

The shape of the cushion is one of the most important things to consider. These pillows come in a wide variety of shapes: U-shaped, V-shaped, wedge-shaped, doughnut-shaped and more.

Every person is unique and every body shape is unique. You may find that a doughnut-shape works best for your body, while a V-shaped pillow may be best for someone else.

With that said, orthopedists usually recommend U-shaped pillow for tailbone comfort and pain alleviation. The only real way to find out which shape works best for you is to try different ones out. However, most people find that U-shaped pillows work best, especially those that are contoured.


The pillow’s filling is just as important as its shape. It’s important to choose a pillow that won’t flatten or lose it shape too quickly. It’s also important to ensure that the filling material provides ample support.

Regular cotton filling won’t do much to provide pain relief or support. It will also lose its shape very easily, making it even less supportive.

For true pain relief and posture support, choose a pillow with memory foam filling. Memory foam conforms to your body’s natural shape and will hold its shape well even with prolonged use. It also provides ample support for greater comfort and pain relief.

Size and Weight

When looking for a pillow, consider where you will use it. Do you want a pillow you can take with you everywhere, or do you just need something for your office chair to cope with those long days at the desk?

The size and weight of the pillow is important, and should be based on where and how you will use the cushion.

For easy portability, you may want a smaller pillow that’s lightweight and comes with a travel bag. For extended use in the office, you may need a bigger cushion that’s heavier and better able to stand up to rigorous use.

Your own size and weight will play a role in the size and weight of your cushion. Taller, heavier individuals will need a bigger coccyx cushion.

Cover Material

Not all coccyx cushions have removable covers, and not all removable covers are easy to clean. Some materials are more breathable than others.

If you plan to use your cushion for an extended period of time, like on your office chair, you may want to go with a cover that is breathable. Otherwise, your cushion will absorb and trap your body heat, which can make it uncomfortable to sit on.

Care and Maintenance

Another important consideration that’s easy to overlook is the cushion’s care and maintenance. Many coccyx cushions have removable covers that you can throw in the washing machine for easy care.

Others do not have removable cushions and can only be spot-cleaned.

Consider your schedule, how often you’ll use the cushion and the level of care you want to put into maintaining your coccyx orthopedic cushion. Most people prefer removable covers that can be cleaned in the washing machine.

One other benefit to removable covers is that you can make your own replacement if necessary. Many companies even sell replacement covers. If the cover is not removable, you’ll have to replace the entire cushion if the cover is damaged or ripped.


It is crucial to consider the quality and durability of the cushion’s materials. If you’re having to replace your cushion every few months, you’re wasting a lot of money and resources buying new ones.

Look for cushions that hold their shape well. Memory foam tends to work best. Cotton will lose its shape over time and will eventually flatten out. Gel-based fillings harden with extended use, which can cause pain instead relieving it. Make sure that the cover material is made well and with durable materials.


The comfort of the coccyx cushion is a crucial thing to consider. The comfort level will depend on the combination of the shape of the cushion, the cover material and the filling material.

Find a combination that will work for you. If the cushion is uncomfortable, you’ll never use it, or you won’t use it for as long as you should be using it for.


The cost of the pillow is important, but it’s not the most important thing. You have a budget, and it’s important to stick to that budget. However, it’s also important to invest in a quality ailyo coccyx cushion that will withstand your level of usage.

The best coccyx cushion will last longer and retain its shape for longer. Ultimately, you’ll save money when you invest in a better coccyx orthopedic cushion because you won’t have to replace it as often. Sure, you’ll spend more upfront, but you’ll save money over the long-term. These are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a coccyx orthopedic cushion. Consider each point carefully to ensure that you choose a pillow you’ll like and enjoy using. Take your time when making your decision to ensure you get the right pillow for you.

We hope our reviews of the best coccyx cushions has helped you find the relief you were looking for. May you find quick and lasting tailbone pain relief!

Pulse Oximeter Alert: Poor Probe Placement Can Lead to Inaccurate Results

taking someone's pulse

Pulse oximeters are used both at home and in clinical settings to measure blood oxygen levels. However, recently experts have been warning people that poor probe placement could lead to highly inaccurate results. This may put a patient’s health in danger.

In fact, a patient safety alert has been issued by regulators in the UK warning of the risk of inappropriate placement of pulse oximeter probes. NHS Improvement says readings may be highly inaccurate if probes meant for the finger and ear are mixed up, or when devices were used to measure the wrong patient group.

What Happens if a Pulse Oximeter Probe is Inappropriately Placed?

Pulse oximeter probes are designed to be attached to either a finger or an ear. However, they are not interchangeable. Furthermore, probes also need to be selected according to the patient’s weight when babies and children are being monitored.

If a finger probe is attached to the ear or vice versa, the results may be up to 50% lower or 30% higher than the actual value.

If a reading is 30% higher, you may falsely assume that your blood oxygen levels are normal. In reality, your condition may actually be deteriorating.

If your reading is lower, you may seek out unnecessary care when your condition is actually stable or improving.

Training is Key in Clinical Settings

Part of the problem in clinical settings, experts say, is that staff are unaware that finger probes can give misleading results if placed on the ear.

A quarter of the staff surveyed by NHS Improvement said they did not have access to ear probes. Ear probes will need to be used on at least some patients – no matter the clinical setting.

Another problem is product design. Once probes are removed from packaging, there are no visible reminders of where to place the probe.

The patient alert is calling on NHS organizations to ensure that staff have access to all of the equipment they need and to educate on the dangers of inappropriately placed pulse oximeter probes. NHS Improvement is also calling on manufacturers to change their product labels to clearly indicate where to attach the probe.

How to Properly Attach a Pulse Oximeter Probe

It’s important to understand how to properly attach a pulse oximeter probe to the finger or ear. Whether you’re using an at-home device or getting tested at the doctor’s office.

If you understand how to use a pulse oximeter, you can determine whether the nurse is attaching the probe properly.

How to Attach an Ear Oximeter Probe

  • Gently clean the earlobe with an alcohol pad for 10-20 seconds.
  • Attach the probe to the earlobe or another visible part of the ear, such as the pinna.
  • Make sure the LED side of the probe is facing toward the head on the lower, fleshy area of the ear. There needs to be sufficient blood flow in order to get an accurate, solid reading. Avoid areas with cartilage, and do not press on the clip as this will restrict blood flow.
  • The LED light detector should be fully covered by the ear and not exposed to any light in the room.
  • You can use an adhesive disk to better secure the probe.
  • Leave the probe on for about three minutes until you have a stable reading.

How to Attach a Finger Oximeter Probe

  • Turn on the pulse oximeter.
  • Place the sensor on any finger (with the exception of the thumb). The sensor screen should be above the fingernail.
  • Wait for the pulse oximeter to acquire a signal. This can take 10 seconds or more.
  • Limit your movement while trying to acquire a signal, as this can affect the accuracy of the results.
  • The oxygen saturation results are typically indicated as “SpO2.”

Many finger oximeter probes can be left on the finger for continuous monitoring (common in a hospital setting). If you’re going to leave the probe on, you may want to move the sensor every 2-4 hours to prevent discomfort.

Pulse oximeter devices are relatively easy to use, but the results are only accurate if the appropriate probe is placed in the appropriate area. In a clinical setting, it’s crucial for staff to understand that ear and finger probes cannot be interchanged. Educating yourself on how to properly use an oximeter probe can help protect your health, whether you monitor at home or at the doctor’s office.

Which Pulse Oximeter Should I Use?

There are a lot of fingertip pulse oximeters on the market today. It can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one. I have put together a post that reviews my favorite pulse oximeters for use in your home or on the go. You can find that post here.

Best CPAP Cleaning Machine That Makes Sanitization a Breeze

best cpap cleaning machine

If you suffer from severe sleep apnea you may have been prescribed a CPAP machine to help improve your sleep. These machines are great and can greatly improve your life. However, if you don’t regularly sanitize them, they can also be very detrimental to your health.

To maximize the benefits of using a CPAP machine, it’s important to take the time to clean and care for your equipment. CPAP masks and hoses can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and other pathogens if they aren’t cleaned on a daily basis.

How to Keep Your CPAP Clean

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean your CPAP equipment. All you need is a few minutes a day to keep germs at bay.

  • Soap and water is the simplest way to clean your mask and other equipment.
  • In addition to daily cleaning with soap and water, humidifier chambers should also be soaked in a solution of 1-part vinegar and 3-parts water for 15-20 minutes before being rinsed with distilled water.
  • Masks should also be cleaned with soap and water every day.
  • The gray non-disposable filter should be cleaned at least once a week. Simply rinse with water and allow to fully dry before placing it back into your machine.

Never use bleach to clean your equipment, and make sure that you keep all components out of the sun to avoid UV damage.

Even with diligent cleaning and maintenance, certain parts of your equipment will need to occasionally be replaced, such as the mask. Check with the manufacturer to find out when to replace these parts and accessories.

Now, you can follow the tips above to keep your CPAP mask and humidifier chamber clean. Or, you can invest in a cleaning machine that will take care of the work for you.

The benefit to using a cleaning machine is that the disinfecting properties are stronger than plain soap and water. There’s also no need to worry about soap residue on the mask.

With a cleaning machine, you simply place your mask (and hose in some cases) in the cleaning chamber, and let the machine take care of the rest. They’re easy to use, highly effective and convenient.

We’re going to share our favorite CPAP Cleaning machine models to help you find the right one for your needs.

Our Favorite CPAP Cleaning Machine Models

There are many CPAP cleaning machines on the market today, but these three models are our favorites.

VirtuCLEAN CPAP Equipment and Mask Cleaner

VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer Automatic Cleaner Sanitizer machine
VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaning machine

VirtuCLEAN’s cleaning system eliminates 99.9% of germs found on CPAP machines. Offering automated cleaning, this machine is compact in size (weighs just 0.5 pounds) and doesn’t require the use of water or soap.

If this machine doesn’t use water or soap, how does it disinfect? Ozone. Ozone is a popular disinfecting method for CPAP machines because it’s mess-free and easy.

This machine is ultra-quiet with a battery life that lasts 10 years. It takes just two hours to charge the battery, and the unit requires virtually no maintenance.

Here’s how the system works:

  • Place your mask in the VirtuCLEAN bag.
  • Press the start button.
  • Let the machine run for 30 minutes.

The machine will automatically shut down after 30 minutes.

You can also use this machine to clean your humidifier chamber. Simply connect the tubing to the machine, and you’re ready to go.


  • Easy to use
  • Automated cleaning
  • Does not require water or soap to disinfect
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quiet


  • Uses ozone for disinfecting

While convenient, some people prefer not to use ozone for disinfecting, as it can leave behind an odor.

Otherwise, the VirtuCLEAN machine is easy to use, highly effective and compact in size (great for travel).

In our opinion the VirtuCLEAN is the best cpap cleaning machine you can buy in 2019.

Click here to learn more about the VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaning system on Amazon.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer + Fisher & Paykel ICON Adapter

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Machine
SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Machine

SoClean offers a bundle package that includes its CPAP cleaner and the Fisher & Paykel ICON adapter. The bundle allows the system to be used with CPAP, VPAP, Bi-PAP or BPAP machines.

The SoClean sanitizer system eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, germs and pathogens without using harsh chemicals. The system is fully automated, so you can spend your time doing more important things.

SoClean’s system uses the disinfecting and sanitizing methods used in produce handling, water purification, hospital sanitizing and hotel housekeeping.

Other sanitizing systems can be complicated, but SoClean aims to make things as simple as possible with this system. The unit sanitizes all CPAP equipment – including the water in the reservoir – without you having to remove the mask, reservoir or hose.

Simply place your mask inside the unit, close the lid, and let the device take care of the rest.

SoClean’s system is compatible with most mask types. The interior chamber is 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 7.25,” so it’s large enough to work with most masks. The only exception is a total face mask that covers the entire face.

This particular bundle is designed especially for users of the Fisher & Paykel ICON. If you have a different CPAP sanitizer, you may need to buy another adapter.


  • Automated cleaning for easy use
  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs, bacteria and pathogens
  • Doesn’t use harsh chemicals
  • Compatible with most masks
  • Comes with an adapter for the Fisher & Paykel ICON CPAP machine


  • This bundle isn’t right for everyone

The SoClean bundle comes with an adapter for Fisher & Paykel’s ICON CPAP machine. If you have a different machine, you may need to buy a different bundle or an additional adapter.

If you’re looking for a system that offers automated cleaning and doesn’t require disassembly of the mask, hose or reservoir, SoClean’s sanitizing system may be a good fit for you.

Click here to learn more about SoClean’s CPAP sanitizing system on Amazon.

Sani Bot D3 CPAP Mask Sanitizer

Sani Bot D2 CPAP Mask Sanitizer Cleaning Machine
Sani Bot D2 CPAP Mask Sanitizer Cleaning Machine

Sani Bot’s D3 mask sanitizer offers professional disinfecting at home. The system uses water and disinfecting tablets to kill bacteria, germs and pathogens that can accumulate on CPAP masks.

Like the SoClean system, Sani Bot offers automated cleaning. Just fill the stainless steel tank with water, add a disinfecting tablet, place your mask in the tank and set the timer (1-30 minutes).

We like that the Sani Bot D3 offers touchscreen operation and a heater function for superior cleaning. It also has a drying rack to keep your mask germ-free.

Sani includes 60 cleaning tablets, so you can start using the machine right away.


  • Automated cleaning
  • Easy touchscreen usability
  • Stainless steel water tank resists corrosion
  • Uses disinfecting tablets (included)
  • Heat function for added sanitization
  • Drying rack included for germ-free drying


  • Some masks may not be able to fully submerge in the tank

The only issue with the Sani Bot D3 system is that some masks may not be able to fully submerge in the tank. This is normally only a problem with very large or oddly-shaped masks.

Otherwise, this system is easy to use and offers some nice extra perks, like a drying rack and heated cleaning function.

Click here to learn more about the Sani Bot D3 system on Amazon.

Best Alternating Pressure Mattress – Prevent Bed Sores

best alternating pressure mattress

Are you or a loved one suffering from debilitating bed sores? If so, you would benefit greatly from an alternating pressure mattress. Alternating pressure mattresses are specifically designed for bed-ridden patients and can be very effective at preventing pressure sores.

These air mattresses are not like the kind you find in big-box stores. These models contain individual air tubes that inflate and deflate automatically on a set schedule to alleviate constant contact from the bed on your skin. This change in the pressure on your body improves blood flow as pressure is applied and released.

Along with preventing or even treating bed sores, pressure relief mattresses can provide comfort to patients with burns, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease and other conditions that cause chronic pain.

At one time, pressure relief mattresses could only be found in hospitals. Now, you can find air mattresses with special pumps that alternate pressure to prevent pressure sores. Unlike an everyday air mattress, these models are low air loss as well so they stay firm and solid for maximum comfort.

Our guide will help you find an pressure mattress that suits your needs and budget.

There are many pressure-relieving mattresses on the market, but these four models are the best alternation pressure mattresses you can buy in 2019. Durable, portable (mostly) and comfortable, these models come from respected brands and are backed by positive reviews from customers.

1. MARNUR Med Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress

MARNUR Med Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress

The MARNUR pressure relief low air loss mattress is designed to relieve ulcer pain and treat bed sores. This alternating pressure mattress contains 130 air pocket cells that alternate pressure on different parts of the body. The pump system automatically inflates and deflates the pressure pad through consistent cyclic air flow.

Unlike other mattresses, this model has a quiet motor to allow for a restful night of sleep. It also has ten pressure settings, so you can make adjustments based on your comfort level.

The pump comes with built-in hanging hooks to mount the pump to the bed. This makes it easy for bed-ridden patients to control the pump and adjust the settings to their comfort levels.

The mattress is made with a high-quality PVC material and can support up to 298 pounds. It can easily be placed on top of an existing mattress.

The great thing about this mattress is that you can deflate it, roll it up, and take it with you when you travel. If you or a loved one needs extra support and will be moving from one location to another, this mattress offers the portability you need to prevent pressure ulcers anywhere.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Multiple pressure levels for personalized comfort
  • Can support up to 298 pounds
  • Made with medical-grade material
  • Easily portable
  • Quiet motor
  • Fits on top of an existing mattress or home hospital bed


  • Not ideal for twin size mattresses

The MARNUR Med Aire can fit on top of most mattresses with ease, but it isn’t a good fit for twin size beds.

Aside from this minor issue, the Med Aire from MARNUR is durable, easy to use and made with high quality, medical-grade material. The fact that it’s portable makes it a good fit for just about any family.

In our opinion, this is one of the best pressure relief mattresses you can buy today.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the MARNUR Med Aire on Amazon.

2. VIVE LEPAE1683 Alternating Pressure Mattress

Vive alternating pressure mattress

Like the previous model, the VIVE  alternating pressure mattress is easily portable, and the settings can be adjusted to your comfort level. It also boasts 130 air pockets that alternatively inflate and deflate for maximum comfort.

One thing that sets the LEPAE1683 model apart is that each cell is heat sealed to prevent leaks.

The alternating pressure helps promote circulation, prevent bedsores and allow for even weight distribution. The pump offers multiple levels of pressure and each cycle lasts six minutes.

The LEPAE1683 can support up to 300 pounds and is made of waterproof vinyl. It can easily be placed on top of an existing mattress for convenience and portability. VIVE also includes a patch kit to keep the mattress leak-free. This is a low air loss mattress so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it staying firm while in use.


  • Adjustable pressure levels for personalized comfort
  • Quiet pump prevents sleep disruption
  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Each cycle lasts six minutes
  • Air cell pockets are heat sealed to prevent leaks
  • Fits over existing mattresses or home hospital beds
  • Portable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Durable


  • Must be aired out for two days

The LEPAE1683 does give off a chemical smell (which is common with all mattresses of this kind), and you’ll need to air out the mattress for two days to eliminate that smell. The airing out step is inconvenient, but not a deal-breaker by any means.

We like the LEPAE1683 because it’s easy to inflate, gives you a lot of control over the pressure level and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. This is one of our favorite pressure relief mattresses in 2020.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the VIVE LEPAE1683 airflow mattress on Amazon.

3. VIVE 5″ Pressure Relief Mattress

VIVE 5" Alternating Pressure Mattress

VIVE 5″ alternating pressure mattress features a different design than our previous models. Instead of air cells, this mattress has 16 air pressure chambers that alternate to allow for even weight distribution and alleviate pressure points.

The three air chambers at the top of the mattress remain static to create a pillow. This model also allows you to turn off the alternating pressure feature so that it can be used as a regular air mattress.

The pump is quiet and comes with hooks that allow it to be attached to the bed. The bed’s settings allow you to adjust the frequency of the inflation and deflation to your personal comfort level.

VIVE’s 8″ mattress comes with a waterproof vinyl cover that protects from wear and tear. The breathable cover also helps keep the user cool.

This model can support up to 400 pounds of weight, so it’s an excellent option for heavier users.


  • Unique air chamber design
  • Static and variable pressure settings
  • Quiet motor
  • Can support up to 400 pounds
  • Comes with a waterproof vinyl cover
  • Can adjust the softness and firmness of the mattress


  • Not designed for use on existing mattresses

The VIVE 8″ mattress is really designed to be its own mattress (it’s 8″ thick). It is not ideal for use on top of an existing mattress.

Aside from this, the 8″ mattress is durable, well-designed, versatile and very supportive. The 400-pound capacity is another major bonus.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the VIVE 8″ mattress on Amazon.

4. Drive Medical Med Aire Pressure Relief Mattress

Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System

The Drive Medical Med Aire pressure sore mattress fits over most existing mattresses and is highly portable.

This model features 130 individual air cells that inflate and deflate to alleviate pressure and prevent bedsores.

The quiet pump produces 4 LPM of air flow and pressure with 5-minute cycle times. The pump has variable pressure settings, so you can adjust to your comfort level. Like other models on our list, this one has brackets that allow you to easily mount the pump to the bed.

The mattress is made with heavy-gauge vinyl for added durability, and the bubble pressure pad design allows for greater therapeutic treatment. Drive Medical’s Med Aire can support up to 300 pounds.


  • Bubble design is therapeutic
  • Produces 4 LPM of consistent air flow
  • Fits over existing mattresses
  • Highly portable
  • Durable


  • Lower weight capacity

The Drive Medical Med Aire mattress only has a capacity to handle 300 pounds. While not too low, it is still lower than other models on our list.

Still, this model comes from a well-respected brand in the industry and is highly durable. Consistent air flow and portability make this mattress a good buy for most bedridden patients.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the Drive Medical pressure mattress on Amazon

I hope this list of the best alternating pressure mattresses helps you find the one that relieves you or your loved one’s pain.

LifeFone Home Emergency System Review

LifeFone Medical Alert ProtectionLifeFone has been offering medical alert services since 1976, and the company has a reputation of helping customers feel safe at home. You never have to worry that you’ll fall on the floor without someone to come to the rescue.

Accidents can and do happen, and when you’re home alone, it can be hours, days, weeks or even months before someone checks in on you.

If you’re stuck on the floor or injured, this can mean the difference between life and death.

LifeFone offers a free month on annual plans, and this is a monthly subscription. You’re paying to ensure that if you need help, it arrives promptly.

A few things that you need to remember about the company and their products are:

  • The company has been in business for over 40 years.
  • S. agents assist customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Pendants and wristbands are 100% waterproof for those times when you fall in the shower.
  • Equipment ranges are up to 1,500 feet.

There are also consumer-friendly policies that apply to all of the systems and products LifeFone offers:

  • No activation fees
  • No equipment fees
  • Lifetime price guarantee
  • Lifetime equipment guarantee
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Basic service provided to spouses for free; steep discount on other services
  • Cancellation any time

Every customer is able to enjoy these benefits, and this is a company that has maintained an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau as well as being named one of the 2018 Best Medical Alerts.

Click here to see other medical alert systems we recommend

3 At-Home Products to Choose From

When it comes to home safety, LifeFone offers three products that will change your life. There are on-the-go options, too, but these won’t be discussed in this article. When you consider LifeFone, know that you have the following options:

  1. At-Home Landline: An option that works with your landline phone. This option has optional fall detection (more on that soon).
  2. At-Home Cellular: No landline is needed with this option, which uses your cell phone. There is an optional fall detection option, too.
  3. At-Home Cellular with Fall Detection: A fall detection, cellular option.

And when you’re considering every option, know that the prices range from $24.95 (option 1) to $38.95 (option 3). The second option is $30.95.

All of these products work at-home, and their breakdowns can be found below:

At-Home Landline

at-home landlineThe at-home landline is the cheapest option, and it does have optional fall detection, which costs $5 more per month. When you’re choosing this option, you’ll want to keep in mind that the range of the unit is a mere 480 feet.

A person that lives in a two-story home may have difficulty with this small of a range.

The base unit can be upgraded with a 1,500 feet extension, which is highly recommended. When you choose 1,500 feet, this will cover the entirety of most homes with ease and may even allow you to step into your backyard while still being protected.

Fall detection has a range of 600 feet.

Battery life is 32 hours, and you’ll have the following benefits available:

  • Waterproof pendant
  • Customized emergency plan
  • Supervised battery
  • Use in any residence

These are the basic options available with the at-home landline.

At-Home Cellular

at-home cellularAt-Home Cellular uses your cell phone rather than your landline, and for anyone on-the-go, this is a very smart option. This option comes with a range of 1,300 feet, and the battery life is a staggering 32 hours.

No upgrade is really available without going up to the final tier of the product.

Waterproof, there’s no need for a landline, and a temperature sensor is available. A customized emergency plan is offered, and you’ll receive a pendant or wristband with your unit. Just call first for portability.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Lifetime price guarantee
  • Free options for your spouse
  • 30-day free trial

At-Home Cellular with Fall Detection

mobile with fall detectionThe highest at-home product offered by LifeFone is cellular with fall detection. Falls are the leading cause for injuries among the elderly, and when you fall, there’s a much higher risk of death if you break a hip.

Fall protection will call for help if you happen to fall.

The one drawback with fall protection is that it’s limited to a 600-foot range. And the battery life is 30 hours instead of 32 hours.

You’ll also enjoy a:

  • Waterproof pendant
  • Temp sensor
  • Customized plan
  • Free spouse option

This option does come with a free help button on all plans for added safety.

When choosing LifeFone, there are a few payment options available:

  1. Annual which is the cheapest option
  2. Quarterly
  3. Monthly

Monthly options are most expensive, so I recommend choosing a quarterly or annual option. Remember, all products come with a 30-day trial, so you’ll be able to test them and see if this is the right system for your needs.

LifeFone works by the user (you) summoning for help using your pendant or wristband. The signal is sent to the LifeFone monitoring station in the home. GPS technology is used to help locate you and send an emergency crew out to your location if you need help.

The emergency instructions that you customize with your plan will be displayed to the care agent that will send help your way.

Your loved ones or local EMS will be alerted based on your preference and situation. Emergency Care instructions are always followed, so you’re in full control over your own medical help at all times.

Fall detection is provided through a pendant, and this pendant connects to either your home base or cell phone. What happens is that the pendant will detect when you fall, and this detection will trigger a call for help immediately.

You don’t have to press a button to call for help in the event of a fall.

Now, being waterproof, you can take a tumble in the bathtub and not have to worry about being stuck for days until help arrives. LifeFone will be there to assist you by sending medical help your way immediately.

It’s the peace of mind that most people don’t get to enjoy.

LifeFone has a spectacular rating, and the company has been around long enough that if their products didn’t work, you would be sure to find a lot of complaints. This is one company that truly cares for their customers, and as an elderly person or someone that has elderly parents, LifeFone’s home emergency system provides 24/7 monitoring.

If or when an emergency occurs, you or your loved one will have your Emergency Plan followed precisely.

It’s a life-saving technology that everyone hopes they’ll never have to use but is grateful they have if they slip and fall or are stuck in an emergency situation.

Click here to try the LifeFone Home Emergency System today.