Best 4 Wheel Walker With a Seat in 2022

best walker with a seat

A four wheel walker allows for maximum stability without slowing you down. If you have some trouble getting around on your own and need a little support, then these are ideal.

Whether this is your first time buying a 4 wheeled walker or you’re simply looking for a change from your current walker, we know how challenging the entire buying process can be.

Our goal is to make things as simple as possible, so we’ve rounded up seven of the best 4 wheel walkers on the market. Enjoy!

4 Wheel Rollators

Weight Capacity
More Information
Drive Medical’s Nitro Euro
drive medical nitro 4 wheel walker
17.5 pounds
300 lbs
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Vive Folding Rollator
Vive 4 Wheel Medical Rolling Walker with Seat
20.6 pounds
300 lbs
buy now from Amazon
Medline Premium Empower
Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat
17 pounds
300 lbs
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Hugo Portable
Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat
21.2 pounds
300 lbs
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Drive Medical Steel Walker
Drive medical steel walker
18.6 pounds
300 lbs
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ProBasics 4 Wheel Walker
ProBasic Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator
18 pounds
300 lbs
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7 Best 4 Wheel Walker Rollators With a Seat

1. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator

drive medical nitro 4 wheel walker for seniors
Drive Medical Nitro walker

Drive Medical’s Nitro Euro is ideal for those who travel often and need a very portable walker.

Featuring an aluminum frame, this model is lightweight, and its cross-brace design allows for easy folding and extra stability.

Two large 10 inch caster wheels in the front make it easier to steer and enhances maneuverability. The large front wheels Nitro Euro is ideal for use indoors or outdoors and can easily maneuver a variety of terrains.

Like all of the other rolling walkers on our list, this model has a built-in chair with backrest. There is a lot of storage space in the zippered storage bag that is also included. It can also be easily removed if it is not needed. A saddle bag attachment helps keep the pouch securely in place even when it is is folded.

The Nitro Euro has a grip brake system with cables that are designed to be inside the frame for extra safety.

Weight capacity with this model is 300 lbs, and the handle height is adjustable between 33.5” and 38.25” in size. The backrest is height adjustable as well to maximize support and comfort. The generously padded backrest is also another welcome feature.

In our opinion, the Drive Medical Nitro is the best 4 wheel walker with a seat for seniors you can buy in 2022

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2. Vive’s Easy Folding Walker Rollator

Vive 4 Wheel Medical Rolling Walker with Seat
Vive 4 Wheeled Rolling Walker with Seat

Vive’s rolling walker is a mobility aid for adults that has a very unique design. While it appears bulky at first glance, it’s just well-padded and provides everything you could want in a rollator, from a chair and bag to the safe dual braking system.

Vive’s rollator features:

  • Center strap collapsing option
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Removable rear legs and front wheels
  • Folding options for easy storage
  • Dual braking system for ultimate in safety
  • Sturdy, padded seat and backrest

Vive’s rollator has one of the best braking systems. The dual braking system on the hand grips keeps the rollator firmly in place. A cane holder is equipped to the rollator to allow for every more mobility options.

Offering a seat storage bag, the Vive rollator can store all of your items safely: keys, wallet, drinks or anything else you have.

The sturdy backrest is wide and comfortable. The padded seat is extra-wide to provide added security and comfort to users. Foldable, you can remove the front wheels and fold up the rear legs for easy transport.

A major drawback of Vive’s unit is that it’s only able to hold users up to 250 pounds. While the unit weights 20 pounds, I was hoping that it would be able to accommodate heavier seniors. If the weight capacity is not a concern for you, this is definitely a unique rollator that has supreme braking power for users.

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3. Medline Premium Empower Rollator

Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat
Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat

Medline’s first mobility rollator walker on our list. This model comes in sleek blue color, and it has 8-inch wheels to make going on all terrain – indoor and outdoor easy and safe. Empower is designed with an extra-wide memory foam chair that provides supreme comfort when sitting.

The backrest can be flipped to act like arm rests for additional comfort.

Filled with extras, this rollator includes:

  • Reflective tape for added safety
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Storage tote for accessories (under the seat)
  • Foldable, adjustable cup holder
  • Tray organizer
  • Lifted seat support for easier walking
  • Loop-style, squeeze brakes
  • Easy folding option
  • Adjustable handle height

Weighing 17 pounds, Empower’s sturdy design is able to hold users up to 300 lbs on it’s padded seat. A latch is all that’s needed to move the seat out of the way for step-in support. When the chair is kept down, you can open the padded seat to store all of your items.

The large wheels offer more than enough options for going over grass, walking indoors or walking on gravel.

Add in the cup holder, and it’s one of the most practical rollators on the market. You can also adjust the handles and seat to match the user’s needs. When it comes time to transport your rollator, fold the unit up and nest the four wheels together.

It doesn’t get any easier than this folding walker to take with you.

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4. Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Fold Up
Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator

This Drive Medical four wheel walker has a fold-up removable back support and a convenient wired basket to hold your belongings. Affordable in price, this model features a sturdy steel frame and weighs just 17.9 pounds.

The nice thing about this rolling walker is that it offers numerous features to make your life easier.

  • A set of hand brakes are conveniently located on the handlebars for immediate stability. The brakes can be pressed to stop temporarily, or they can be pushed down to lock it in place.
  • A removable, fold-up padded seat gives you a place to sit while you’re out and about. The seat also has a backrest, which has added comfort and support as you rest.
  • An easy-turn lever is located on the handlebar for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • Folds up easily for storage and transport.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

The 7.5 inch wheels are large, sturdy and great for both indoor and outdoor use.

You’ll love the independence this rollator offers. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted with the simple turn of a lever just beneath the handles. The brakes can be locked right from the handles, so you can stop and rest as needed. The included wired basket also gives you a place to hold or store your belongings while you’re out.

The handles on this rolling walker are ergonomically designed, so they can be used for long periods of time without worry that your hands or wrists will ache.

If you’re looking for an affordable rollator that’s ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, this Drive Medical four wheel rolling walker is a great choice.

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5. Drive Medical Steel Four Wheel Walker

Drive medical steel walker
Drive Medical steel walker

Another great model from Drive Medical, this rollator is made of heavy duty steel and also offers a fold-up back support.

The primary differences between this model and the previous are the hand brakes and the storage compartment (more on this shortly).

This heavy duty rollator offers a seamless padded seat with a zippered storage pouch underneath. The pouch adds extra security and privacy when storing personal items. This mode does not have a wired basket attachment.

The 8 inch wheels make this product great for both indoor and outdoor use, and they’re non-marring for added convenience.

The ergonomic handlebars feature deluxe loop locks, so you can lock it in place. The brakes on this model are a bit different from the previous model, but still improve the safety of this rolling walker.

The padded seat rest offers you a place to sit and rest when you’re out with friends or family. The built-in backrest is also foldable, so you can put it away when necessary. You can even remove the backrest if you prefer.

The seat is hinged and can be lifted up for easy access to the zippered storage pouch underneath. The pouch provides a safe and private place to store your wallet, purse or other personal belongings.

The height of the handlebars can be adjusted with ease thanks to the knob just under the handlebars. And when you’re ready to go home, just fold up your walker, and place it in the trunk of your car or the backseat. However, be advised that this heavy duty rollator walker may weigh more than others on the list.

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6. Hugo Portable 4 Wheel Walker

Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat
Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator

Hugo’s portable rollator is one of the best on the market, but it comes at a higher price than the average walker (around $100 when you buy online). Available in blue, this walker features a built-in padded seat and sturdy frame with a backrest for added comfort.

Like the previous model, this one also features a convenient storage pouch underneath the seat. This storage pouch provides you with a safe and secure place to store your personal belongings.

The height of the handlebars can be adjusted on the frame with ease to ensure you maintain proper posture at all times. The grips on the handles are ergonomically designed to keep your hands at a natural angle as you move. This also gives you better access to the walker’s brakes.

Thanks to the tool-free assembly design, this walker frame is a snap to set up. It’s easy to fold, too, and fits nicely in most car trunks. Its light weight of 15.4 pounds makes it much easier to lift this walker into your vehicle.

Unlike many other rollators, the elite rollator walker is suitable for people with conditions that compromise balance. The larger 8 inch front wheels add to the stability of this walker. This model’s weight capacity is to 300 pounds.

The adjustable handle height can be set between 2’9 inches and 3’3 inches from handle to floor, which makes this rollator walker ideal for people between 5 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall.

If your budget is bigger, the Hugo Mobility Elite Rollator walker is the smart choice and will give you years of use.

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7. ProBasics Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Walker

ProBasic Heavy Duty Steel Bariatric Rollator
ProBasic Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator

ProBasic’s lightweight rollator is made from aluminum. This walking aid is ideal for everyone. From someone who just had surgery to the elderly and disabled. Offering stabilization when you walk, this model boasts an impressive 8 inch wheel height to offer easy movement on all terrain types.

The large wheels are accompanied by:

  • Built-in padded seat
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Lockable hand brakes for stability
  • 8 inch wheels for easy mobility
  • Easily folds for storage and transport
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Brake shoe

S-Day’s aluminum rollator walker includes the lightweight benefits of aluminum, yet this model is able to hold a weight capacity of 364 pounds. The height of the rollator can be adjusted between 34.25 inches and 39 inches tall, so the user can find a comfortable handle level.

Underneath the seat is a storing basket to hold all of your items securely, and the handles are ergonomic to fit comfortably in your hands.

If you want a light rollator that has four wheels large enough to go over most terrain yet folds up with ease, the S-Day is the perfect option.

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What Options Should I Consider in a 4 Wheel Walker?

There are many advantages to using walkers, but it’s important to find a model that’s a good fit for your personal needs. When comparing models, there are several things to consider:

Weight Capacity

Before looking at any other feature, it’s important to find out the weight capacity of the rolling walker. All mobility aids have weight limits, and it’s important to respect this limit. If you purchase a frame that cannot accommodate your weight, you risk damaging the walker and your safety.

There are walkers that support virtually every weight. Basic models can generally support up to 300 pounds, while a bariatric walker frame can support up to 1,000 pounds.

Height/Seat/Backrest Adjustability

A walker can only be effective if it’s the right height for your body. Look for one that offer adjustable features, such as handle, seat and backrest height. Adjustable features allow for a better fit, posture health and overall safety.

The walker should fit your arms comfortably to reduce stress on your back and shoulders. The top of the walker grip should be in line with the crease of the inside of your wrist.

Before you spend your hard-earned money, take some measurements to ensure that you choose a frame that will suit your height.

If you’re looking at a walker with a seat, make sure that you can adjust the seat the backrest to a comfortable height. Otherwise, it may be too difficult to sit down or stand up if the seat is too low. A bad fitting mobility aid can be detrimental to your health.

Braking System

Four-wheel rollators will come equipped with brakes for safety. These brakes will prevent the walker from rolling downhill and can also help you stop more quickly if you need to avoid an obstacle. These brakes are perfect when you need a bit of a rest and some stability.

Make sure that the braking system is easy to use, and that the parts are replaceable in case the system stops working.

A conventional 4-wheeled walker – not a rollator – won’t have a grip braking system because the walker is manually lifted and set down with each step.

Product Weight

Whether you choose a walker or rollator, it’s important to consider the weight of the unit – especially if you travel often.

Ideally, the walker should be light enough for you to lift up into the trunk of your vehicle. If you have assistance from a caregiver or family member, they should also be able to lift and handle the walker with relative ease.

The lighter the weight, the easier the portability. With that said, you don’t want a walker that is so light that it can easily be tipped or moved by the wind. Find a good balance between heft and lightness for easy – but safe – portability.


Many walkers either come with accessories, or have accessories available to purchase separately.

Helpful accessories include:

  • Storage baskets and bags
  • Trays
  • Seatbelts
  • Pouches

Most of the accessories you find will be storage-related.

Do some research to see which accessories, if any, are available and which ones you may want to use with your walker.


Some walkers have storage, while others do not. You can purchase pouches and baskets separately, but if storage is a primary concern, you’ll want to look for a walker that already has built-in storage.

Think about the placement of the basket or pouch to ensure that it will be easily accessible for you. Also, consider how much storage you’ll need and whether you’ll need to purchase additional pouches or bags.

Can You Push Someone in a Rollator?

No. Wheeled walkers are a convenient way to get around, but they should not be mistaken for a wheelchair. Many wheeled walkers come with built-in seats, but these seats are only there to give you a place to rest and relax.

No one should ever push you while sitting in a rollator, nor should they push you while you’re using one. Wheeled walkers are walking aids only – they are not a transportation device. Most rollators do not have the weight capacity or strength to handle this type of movement.

The walker frame may become damaged, wheels may bend or fall apart if too much weight is placed on it.

If you are looking for a mobility aid that allows you to be pushed around while seated, you might consider a wheelchair or a rollator/transport chair hybrid.

How Much Does a 4 Wheel Walking Aid Cost?

The cost of a walker with four wheels can vary greatly depending on the model and quality of the unit, but they generally start at $100.

Rollators with more complex features, storage spaces, larger wheels, higher weight capacities and higher quality frames will cost more.

Depending on your medical insurance, the cost of your walker may be covered or come at a very low cost to you. You should talk to your health provider for more information.

Consider your budget, and look for a model that suits your needs and is high quality while remaining affordable.


These 7 walkers come in a wide range of prices, but the overall functionality is roughly the same. The Drive Medical Nitro Euro is the most expensive model, but offers more in terms of stability and convenience. The budget Drive Medical walker is one of the most affordable, but does not compromise on quality and has all of the basic functions you’ll need.

I hope this post helped you find the best 4 wheel walker with a seat in 2022.

Best 3 Wheel Rollator for Seniors in 2022

best 3 wheel rollator walker

A lack of mobility doesn’t need to stop you from living a fulfilled life. If you can still get around, but need a bit of support, a 3 wheel walker is a great choice. They provide you with the best of both worlds; mobility and stability.

Best 3 Wheel Rollators in 2022

The following walkers are the models that we highly recommend in 2022. They have outstanding reviews, are durable, great maneuverability and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with any of these models.

1. Lumiscope Lumex 3 Wheeled Walker Rollator

Lumex 3 Wheel Cruiser-Bondi Blue-Aluminum Frame

Lumiscope’s Lumex 3-wheel walker is lightweight and offers an adjustable height to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.

Although Lumiscope Lumex rolling walker has a lightweight aluminum frame, it still has a 250-pound load capacity. The ergonomic handle grips have locking loop brakes, and the handle has an adjustable height to accommodate a wide range of users.

The large 8″ black wheels allow for both indoor and outdoor use, and the zippered carry pouch makes it easy to safely store your belongings.

If you’re looking to improve your mobility and don’t require the stability of a four-wheel walker, this three-wheel rollator is a great option.


  • Lightweight, easy folding
  • Aluminum frame is durable and sturdy
  • High weight capacity
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Large wheels allow for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable handle height to accommodate users of all sizes


  • Brakes are a little difficult to press

The only complaint with this model is that the brakes are difficult to press.

But this walker folds well for use in tight spaces and is light enough for easy transport.

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2. HEALTHLINE 3 Wheel Rollator Walker

The Healthline 3 Wheel Rollatore offers a tan finish, 7.5” tires and light movable frame. The handle heights can be adjusted from 32” – 39” in height so that users of all heights can use this walker – no matter the height.

Healthline 3 Wheel Rollator

Weighing just 13 pounds, this three-wheel walker can accommodate user weights up to 300 pounds.

And when it comes to carrying personal items, the walker’s plaid storage bag will allow you to transport anything from a wallet to groceries or clothes with ease. Offering a solid build, the larger tires allow you to walk over difficult terrain with ease (grass, sand, etc.), and the three wheeled design increases mobility and maneuverability.

The handbrakes allow for easy and safe turning, and a special loop allows for easy locking.


  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Fashionable storage bag for personal items
  • Light and portable aluminum frame
  • Excellent support for those with balance issues
  • Ergonomic hand grips


  • None

The Healthline’s lightweight, folding design is a major asset. In our opinion, the Healthline model is best 3 wheel rollator you can buy in 2022.

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3. NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker

NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker

The NOVA Traveler is a little less stylish than our first pick, but it comes with a few additional features that make it a smart purchase for a heavy-duty walker. A metal basket with a lid is present, allowing users to carry items safely with the help of their walker.

Nova Traveler is lightweight and it’s easy-to-use folding mechanism makes it easy to store in a closet or in the trunk of a car.

Users can adjust the height of the handles between 33” and 37.25”, which also makes this a good choice for heights of 5’4” – 6’2”. A maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds is present, which may be a concern for larger users.

Hand brakes and locks are present, too. The locks are especially helpful as they can be locked to change positions without the walker moving in the process. The handy storage bag is also a welcome addition to this rollator.


  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 2 Storage options: Handy storage bag and basket for personal items
  • Light and foldable
  • Locking brakes
  • Perfect for people with mobility issues
  • Ergonomic hand grips


  • None

The Nova Traveler is a one of our favorite wheeled walkers and is a great choice for users of all mobility ranges.

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4.  Carex 3 Wheel Walker Rollator

Carex 3 Wheel Walker for Seniors, Foldable, Rollator Walker

The Carex Walker is a lightweight walker with a narrower front, which makes it the ideal choice if you’re trying to maneuver tight corners. Compact, the Trio can fold for easy storage and transport.

Taller and shorter users alike are able to comfortably adjust the handle height of the walker.

Wheel size is a large 7.0”, which allows users to walk on harder surfaces and terrains, such as through gravel or thicker grass, with less risk of getting stuck in the process. Locking brakes are present, which will lock the walker into place so that it won’t wiggle or move during readjustment.

The large storage bag has ample space with pockets that are ideal for cellphones and ID cards.


  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Super lightweight at just 10 pounds
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Large amounts of storage
  • Easy folding for transport
  • Comfortable hand grips


  • Storage bad can be difficult to access

Lightweight in design, the Carex roller weighs just 10 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds – perfect for most users. Height adjustable; they can range from 31.75” – 38”, which is high enough for users of up to 6’2” in height.

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5. Health Line 3-Wheel Rollator

Health Line Lite Folding 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Walker

The design of Health Line 3-wheel rollator is very similar to the Lumex model above. Comfortable and adjustable, this walker has an ergonomic hand grip and an adjustable handle height.

The Health Line rolling walker will accommodate users of all sizes, and its lightweight frame makes it easy to transport. Even with its light frame, this walker can support users up to 250 pounds.

The locking loop brakes allow you to stop safely, and the sturdy wheels make it easy to navigate through grass, dirt, gravel cobblestones and other difficult outdoor terrain. It moves just as smoothly indoors as it does outdoors.

Two color options are available: bright blue and metallic burgundy. There’s also a zippered carry pouch that allows you to store your belongings safely and securely.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Sturdy
  • Basket for personal items included


  • Carry case can be fickle

The rollator’s carry case is convenient, but it sometimes has difficulty staying in place. The snaps sometimes come loose. One option is to replace the snaps, or contact the company for a replacement pouch. Most people have no issues with the pouch.

This Health Line 3 wheel mobility device is durable, light and easy to transport. And the bright colors allow you to show off your personality while improving your mobility.

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6. Duro-Med 3-Wheel Walker Rollator

Duro-Med 3-Wheel Aluminum Rollator

The Duro-Med 3-wheel walker is a bit stiffer in design. The previous two models had a soft pouch that made it easy to fold the walker together and get through tight spaces with greater ease. This model has a hard basket in the front of the walker, which offers a more reliable storage option.

The Duro-Med rolling walker is lightweight and folds up easily for storage. Adjustable handles (from 31″ to 37″) are included so you can find the right fit. The large wheels also make it easy to navigate difficult terrain.

The Duro-Med can accommodate users up to 250 pounds.


  • Easy folding and lightweight for transport
  • Basket storage option
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Large wheels can navigate most outdoor terrains


  • Navigating tight spaces can be a challenge

Other 3-wheel rollators fold to make it easier to navigate tight spaces. This model does not have that option, which can make it a little trickier to get through crowds and tight hallways.

Aside from this minor issue, the Duro-Med 3 wheel walker is durable, easy to use and easily transportable.

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Benefits of a Three Wheeled Walker

3 wheel walkers

The 3 wheel rollator only slightly different than the four wheel walker. First and foremost, when choosing a three wheel walker, you’ll benefit from:

  • Maneuverability: The 3 wheel walkers design includes one wheel in the front with the purpose of being able to make turns easier. A four wheel option needs to be picked up or moved in a cumbersome manner, which doesn’t allow for the same fluid movement that the 3 wheeled walker allows. They are able to more easily maneuver narrow spaces.
  • Lighter: A lack of a fourth wheel allows these rolling walkers to be lighter to move. You’ll also find that most have a folding option and fit better in the back seat of an automobile or in the trunk.
  • Locking Brakes: Re-positioning a rolling walker or even sitting in a chair while holding onto a rolling walker is a recipe for disaster. The walker can move out of your reach, or you may attempt to put weight on the walker and fall as it moves across the floor. Three wheeled walkers come with locking safety wheels that keep the walker firmly in place when you need it most.
  • Storage Bags: The one drawback to many aides is the fact that storage or carrying items is difficult – if not impossible. Trying to carry a cup or plate when walking with a cane in a strong hand and having a weak opposing hand can be very problematic. The majority of three-legged walkers come equipped with storage bags or baskets that allow the user to carry items with ease.

Only you know if a three wheeled walker is the right option for you. Easier to maneuver and lighter in weight, many elderly and disabled persons have found that three wheel walkers provide a boost to their overall mobility and function – a major bonus for anyone with mobility issues.

Drawbacks of a Three Wheeled Rollator

There are a few drawbacks with a 3- versus 4-wheeled walker. When choosing the three-wheeled option, you’ll find the following drawbacks:

  • Less Stable: Inherently, these rolling walkers are less stable than the four wheel option. A lack of a fourth wheel may not work well for a person that puts extreme weight on their walker or has severe balance issues.

This is the only real drawback experienced with a three wheel design. Another issue may also be experienced if you have a walker with a built-in seat. More and more people are using the seated option on their walker, which allows for a much-needed rest after a long walk.

So, if this sounds like you, it may be better to remain with the four wheel design – or discuss your options with a physical therapist that you know and trust.

The one thing to consider is the maximum support weight that the walker can bear if you need significant help with walking.

What is a 3 Wheel Walker Rollator?

A three wheel walker is not your traditional walker. These rolling walkers are also called three wheel rollators. They have one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. Rolling walkers have handbrakes for your safety and they often have a basket or other form of carrying case attached to them.

How to Choose the Right Walker

When choosing the right walker, it’s important that you discuss your needs with a doctor or physical therapists. These are the two most helpful resources, and they will be able to determine your needs based on your mobility.

The right walker for you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Weight Capacity. The weight capacity is important because most wheel walkers can accommodate a person that is 200-300 pounds. If a person is heavier, they may require a more heavy-duty model that can accommodate their weight.
  • Weight. A walker that is too heavy may be too difficult to pick up and move. You may also have trouble lifting the walker into an automobile.

If you walk slowly and have severe issues with balance, a standard walker is recommended. You will then be able to graduate to a front wheel walker if you need a little more freedom, as these walkers allow you to walk faster.

A three wheel walker is the next option. These aids are designed to provide you with better maneuverability, faster walking options and the ability to sit or store items.

If you’re more mobile, wheel rollators will allow you to sit (if you choose one with a seat), or other options have baskets or bags attached to the unit.

When you choose a rollator, you need to have the ability to stand on your own with decent balance. If you need more assistance, a walker is the best option.

As you get stronger, you may find that you can progress from a walker to a 3 wheel mobility device and possibly a cane in the future. Progress when your doctor or physical therapist recommends a new mobility aid for you.


Do I need a walker or a rollator?

A walker provides the most balance and support, but a rollator allows for faster movement and easier maneuverability. They are ideal for a person who can walk faster, needs minor help with balance and stability, and has the ability to grasp the rollator’s hand brakes.

If you’re physically able to take long walks, a 3 wheel walker with a seat, also called a tri wheel walker, may be the best option. These walkers allow a person sit and take a break when needed with a built-in seat. They are best for people who can get around, but just need a little support.

What is a front wheel walker?

A front wheel walker has two wheels on the front and no wheels on the back. Stopping is easier with the front wheel walker, and it’s an optimal option for anyone who can walk slowly but still has limited physical capabilities.

What is the difference between a rollator and a walker?

The rollator is a rolling walker with three wheels. A person with better balance can use it for balance, but there’s no need to pick up or put down a heavy duty walker frame. Walkers provide more stability, but walkers need to be picked up and placed back down on the ground with every step.

Someone with weaker upper extremities may not be able to use a walker properly. For these people it might be best to consider a wheelchair.

Rollators are pushed, so the person can apply some weight to the aid for balance and are designed for the person who can move at a moderate pace. A front wheel walker is a good option if your aid lacks the support that the person requires.

Does Medicare pay for rollators?

Medicare does cover the cost of wheelchairs and walkers, and you can also have the rollator’s costs covered under Medicare. It’s important to note that Medicare will cover only 80% of the costs.

Medicare will require that you have a doctor or physical therapist write a prescription for the rollator. It is best if you talk to your medical care practitioner first.

How much does a 3 wheel walker weigh?

The weight of a three wheel rollator will vary from model to model, but in general, the weight of these aids is 10-16 pounds. The lighter they are, the best they are for portability. Some heavy duty walkers product weight can be 20 or more pounds. We find the best ones for maneuverability are on the lighter side.

It’s equally important to look at how much weight the walker can accommodate. All wheel walkers have a support weight capacity.

Other Mobility Aid Options

If you aren’t sure if this is the right option for you the following may be more suitable. The most common mobility aides include:

We hope this post helped you find the best rollator for your needs.

6 of the Best Accessories For Your Rollator and Walker

accessories for your rollator

Rollators help add mobility to a person’s life. However, a rollator with the right accessories can also make your life a lot more convenient and comfortable. Getting out of the house is great, but if you do and have nowhere to put your favorite beverage or some groceries then life can become a pain. With the right accessories  you can get out of the house and enjoy life without struggles or hassles along the way.

What accessories can (and should) you add to your rollator?

Below you will find a few of the best accessories that we think will make your life a lot easier.

6 Accessories all types of walkers

1. Cup Holder

Walking with a cup on your hand is impossible when you need both hands on the rollator handles to help you balance. A cup holder allows you to walk safely with both hands on your rollator without having to worry about spilling. One you are on an even surface, you can reach down and grab your drink.

A cup holder gives you the freedom to bring your favorite drink along with you wherever you go.

AdirMed offers a cup holder that fits on a wheelchair and walker. The cup size is adjustable, so you can bring along a soda or even a cup of coffee for that extra pep you need to get through your walk.

2. Totes and Bags

Totes and bags are a must. They make going out and running errands much easier. As you are out and about you can add your personal items to your tote, and when you need them, you can pick them out of your bag. If you do a lot of shopping, the bag or tote makes it much easier to shop with all your goods by your side.

Of course, totes are a little different than bags.

Juvo Products offers a great tote that allows for transporting a variety of products, including:

  • Notebooks
  • Newspapers
  • iPads
  • Phones
  • Personal belongings

Personal items, such as credit cards or a license, should be kept in a zipper enclosure, which helps alleviate the risk of losing your items and the risk of theft. Front and back pockets are available in some models to keep your most important items in your view at all times.

Another nice thing about them is that many totes or bags can be attached to a wheelchair, too.

3. Cane Holder

A cane holder can help a person bring along an additional mobility aid. The use of a cane is more practical due to the smaller size and easy mobility. When a person uses a rollator, they often need a lot of stability support, but this doesn’t mean a cane is impractical.

Many people will walk down steep terrain or uneven surfaces with their walker.

But when the person reaches a flat surface, they’re able to use a cane confidently because they know they won’t fall. This is also an option when placing the rollator in the trunk of an automobile and support is still needed to get back to the driver’s seat with a little aid.

The cane holder can also be useful for older establishments that don’t have handicap accessible doors and may be too small for a rollator.

4. Cell Phone Holder

Cell phones have changed the world, and when slips and falls happen, a cell phone can help a person get the help they need in seconds. The great thing is that these cell phone holders are easy to install, and they often attach to:

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Electric scooters
  • Rollators

Flip and smart phones can fit in these holders, but always try to find a holder that displays the dimensions allowed. Very large phones may not fit in these holders.

5. Rollator Basket

Bags are great for shopping, but baskets are even better. When a person goes to the pharmacy or grocery store, they often need to use a scooter or rely on a shopping cart for added support when walking.

The ability to carry a basket is eliminated when a person’s hands need to be on the rollator’s handles.

Baskets can allow for:

  • Easy shopping
  • High weight capacity

But many baskets are designed for only certain rollator models. Make sure that you buy a basket that is either universal or is designed specifically to fit on your rollator.

6. Safety Mobility Light

Mobility requires proper lighting for the utmost safety. Trips and falls often occur because a lack of visibility leads to a person stepping in a hole, tripping over a rock or curb or simply missing a step and falling.

Attach a mobility light to your rollator to allow for the added visibility you need to walk confidently.

The best part is that some of these mobility lights can attach to a:

  • Walker
  • Rollator
  • Cane

You’ll also find many lights that offer:

  • Motion sensing
  • Low light sensing

This allows for an intuitive light that works to make the life of the user easier. You won’t be required to turn the light on or off – it will do it all on its own for you.

These are our top 6 picks for the best accessories for your rollator. If you find yourself wishing your rollator was more convenient or had a certain adaptation to make your life a little easier, there may be an accessory that can help.

If you are in the market for a new rollator I highly suggest that you read this post where we review the best rollators on the market today.

3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker Review – Get Around With Ease

senior with 3 wheel rollator

trio walker rollatorThe 3 Wheel Trio Roller does one thing well: gives you your mobility back. This walker is meant to provide a little more stability and also allows users to walk faster. Since this walker is one with three wheels, you’ll be able to walk as fast as your feet will propel you.

And with the ability to fold up, it can fit perfectly in the backseat of your car.

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this walker, and we were impressed. Let’s take a look at what we liked and didn’t like about this model before going deeper into our review.


  • Sturdy design
  • Large storage pockets
  • Collapses for easy transport


  • Lightweight

It seems odd to name “lightweight” as a con, but it makes the walker feel unstable at first. And while it’s lighter than the competition, it won’t budge or fall over easily, so the lightweight design is technically a benefit.

Some people like the lightweight design and others hate it, so you need to make your choice based on your preference.

If you like walkers that are heavier, then this may not be a good fit for you. But for others, this is a great three-wheeled walker – let’s find out why.

3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker Review

The 3 Wheel Trio weighs just 7.5 pounds, and it has dimensions of 22” x 25.5” x 38”. This walker is the ideal choice for the very active walker user. If you only plan on using your walker once in a while, or if you need a heavy-duty model, this may not be the right option for you.

The lightweight design makes this walker easy to transport and fold up to put in the trunk or backseat of your car.

An active lifestyle is what the Trio offers.

Users are able to walk fast and maneuver with greater ease thanks to the Trio’s design. Brakes can be engaged on the three wheels to ensure that the walker doesn’t move when you’re reaching for an item or fiddling through your purse to find change.

Once ready to proceed, you can unlock the brakes and be on your way.

All brakes are controlled with your hands, and there is a large carry bag included. The bag allows you to carry your personal items right on the walker so that you always have two hands on the walker’s handles at all times. Placed on the inside of the walker, the bag can close shut with Velcro and is close to your body so that it eliminates any risk of theft.

Assembly is tool-free and easy.

When it’s time to put the walker away, it folds up with ease. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this walker allows you to move around with ease while being narrow enough to fit through smaller doorways.

The wheels are 7.5” in diameter, and the height of the walker can be adjusted between 31.75” and 38” for users of all heights and sizes.

Users of up to 250 pounds can comfortably and confidently use this walker.  The only downside which should be noted is that there isn’t a seat included. The lack of a seat may be a concern for users that have less stamina, but the design and easy folding option make this walker a good choice for anyone that doesn’t need a seat attachment.

The A333’s wheels are large enough to be able to move over grass, and you never have to worry about this walker tilting under normal usage. In total, this walker has a width of 24.5” from one side to the other.

If you’re in need of a walker and want to be able to walk faster while enjoying a high level of stability, the 3 Wheel Trio is a great choice. If this isn’t the right fit for you then I suggest visiting the following link where we list our favorite three wheeled walkers:

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Nova Medical 3 Wheel Walker: Great Design and Affordable

nova rollator review

The Nova Medical 3 is a three-wheel walker with a thoughtful design and an affordable price. Its large wheels make it easy to maneuver a variety of terrain types, and adjustable handle heights ensure that users of virtually every height can take advantage of this walker’s mobility-enhancing features.

Nova Medical 3-Wheel Walker at a Glance

  • 8” wheels
  • Locking handbrakes
  • Foldable design
  • Zippered pouch included
  • Built-in basket and tray
  • Adjustable handle height between 33” and 37.25”
  • 250-pound weight capacity

Our Nova Medical 3-Wheel Walker Review

Three-wheel walkers offer a number of benefits over their four-wheel and two-wheel counterparts. For starters maneuvering tight spaces is much easier, as the handlebars collapse inward to minimize its width.

Three wheels also offer a little more flexibility in terms of the terrain you can walk over, and of course, allows for more flexibility compared to a two-wheel model.

But there are also other features that make the Nova Medical walker a great option for those who need a little help getting around.

Transportability and Versatility

This rolling walker offers a foldable design, which makes it easy to store in a vehicle until you arrive at your destination. When folded, this walker’s dimensions are just 9.25” deep and 33” long. It’s lightweight, too, at just 16 pounds.

The large 8” wheels also offer more stability when maneuvering difficult terrain to improve the safety of this walker.

Convenient Storage

Walkers are designed to improve mobility while also allowing for more independence. But have you ever tried to shop with a walker? Pushing a cart and using a walker is a difficult task – and no one wants to push their walker around in their shopping cart.

Nova Medical helps solve this problem by offering a built-in storage pouch, basket and tray. The basket and storage pouch offer plenty of space to place items you plan on purchasing in a store, or to store items you need when you’re out and about.


One nice thing about this walker is that it’s accommodating for virtually all users. The space in between the handles is 12”, which is more than enough for most people.

The handle height is also adjustable, so you can choose just the level for your height. Heights range from 33” to 37.25”, which is ideal for user heights of 5’4” to 6’2”.

With a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, the Nova Medical walker will easily accommodate most people.

In addition to its high user weight capacity and adjustable handle height, this walker also offers locking hand brakes for added safety and convenience.


  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Convenient storage pouch and basket are included
  • Locking handbrakes makes this walker more comfortable to use and easier to control
  • The larger wheels make it easier to maneuver a variety of different terrains
  • High weight capacity is accommodating
  • Adjustable handle heights allow you to find the right fit for you


  • Not ideal for short users

The adjustable handle heights make this walker suitable for people with heights between 5’4” and 6’2”. Shorter users may find this walker uncomfortable to use because the handle height is too high.

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The Bottom Line

The Nova Medical three-wheel walker is one of the more affordable options on the market, and it offers features that you often only see on higher-priced models. With convenient storage, handbrakes and a foldable design, this walker offers great value.

The only complaint is that the adjustable handle heights may not be suitable for users under 5’4”. Aside from this minor drawback, this walker is sturdy and allows you to maneuver a variety of terrains without breaking a sweat.

Click here to learn more about the Nova Medical three-wheel walker.