Best Folding Electric Wheelchair in 2021

Best Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Are you looking for the ultimate in convenience and mobility? Folding electric wheelchairs break the mold. Instead of lugging around a heavy, traditional power wheelchair; today’s fold-up models have smaller, lighter batteries that last longer, and are made from materials that are both lightweight and durable. You’ll even be able to find power wheelchairs that fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

There have been a lot of advancements and there are a lot of options available to choose from. Without further ado here are our top picks for the best folding electric wheelchair in 2021:

1. Porto Mobility Ranger D09 Folding Power Wheelchair

Porto Mobility Ranger D09, No.1 Best Rated Exclusive Portable Power Wheelchair
Porto Mobility Ranger D09, No.1 Best Rated Exclusive Portable Power Wheelchair

The Porto Mobility Ranger D09 folding power wheelchair is a light, but heavy-duty portable electric wheelchair that folds up in seconds. It’s easy to take with you on-the-go, and it can navigate tight areas with ease. Portable enough to fit in the trunk of your car, the Ranger D09 offers a stress-free way to travel – whether it’s downtown or across the country.

The Porto Mobility Ranger D09 offers the following features:

  • Travel Distance: 16 miles
  • Weight: 50lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 396lbs.
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 38”L x 25”W x 37”H
  • Battery Capacity: 6Ah x 2
  • Motor Power: 250W x 2
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Travel Speed: 5 MPH
  • Climbing Slope: 25 degrees or 46 max
  • Turning Radius: 33”

Weighing just 50 lbs., the Ranger D09 is easy to take on the go, and it folds up for easy portability.

In fact, this chair can fold up in just five seconds, and it’s compact enough to fit into most car trunks with ease. There’s even a handle underneath the seat that allows for easy lifting.

Along with its light weight and easy portability, this power chair also offers high durability. The frame of this wheelchair is made of silver aluminum aircraft alloy, and it has matching footrests.

The Ranger D09 powered wheelchair is ergonomically designed for comfort, and it can handle all kinds of terrain, from gravel to grass and even snow. The built-in shock absorber also allows for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The 33” turning radius allows you to make sharp turns, so it’s easy to navigate tight spaces with this chair.

The reliable and accurate battery-life indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge. This chair uses two 6.6Ah 24V lithium batteries (which are safe to take on an airplane) that can deliver up to 16 miles of travel distance. A second set of batteries can be purchased to double your driving distance. The Ranger D09 also comes equipped with two powerful 250W motors, and uses a joystick control that can be used on either the right or left side of the chair.

With a top speed of 5mph you can get places with ease. This is one of the best electric wheelchairs on the market today.

Click here for pricing and more information on the Porta Ranger D09 power wheelchair on Amazon

2. Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Folding Electric Wheelchair

Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Portable Premium Power Wheelchair, Aerospace Aluminum Crafted Design Foldable Super Lightweight Dual Motor Airplane Ready Folding Electric Wheelchair
Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Portable Premium Power Wheelchair

The Porto Ranger X6 power wheelchair folds up in less than two seconds without having to be disassembled. Just release the lock, and press the chair to collapse and store. This foldable power wheelchair weighs just 59 lbs., and its quick folding capabilities make it one of the most travel-friendly wheelchairs out there.

The Ranger X6 even comes with a black travel bag to make transporting even easier.

This power chair offers the following features:

  • Travel Distance: 13 miles
  • Weight: 59lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 265lbs.
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 43.7”L x 25.2”W x 40.5”H
  • Battery Capacity: 10Ah
  • Motor Power: 400W x 2
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Travel Speed: 5 MPH
  • Turning Radius: 33”

Like other power chairs from Porto Mobility, the Ranger X6 is light and airline-friendly and uses a battery that can be taken on an airplane. A single charge will allow you to travel about 13 miles and has a top speed of 5mph.

The Ranger X6 powered wheelchair has dual powerful motors (400W) and larger rear tires with a 13” diameter. The larger rear tires make it easier to navigate hills and inclines. You can use this power chair on gravel, grass and snow. It has built-in shock absorbers that allow for a smooth ride on virtually any terrain.

The seat is wider than most other power chairs (19”), which adds to the overall comfort of this chair. This chair also offers a high weight capacity of 265 lbs.

One nice, unique feature of this chair is the built-in USB phone charger, which is located underneath the control panel. The chair itself is easy to control thanks to the 360-degree joystick. There’s a speed indicator, speed accelerator, decelerator, and a horn button.

For your convenience, this chair also has a backrest storage pouch as well as a storage basket underneath the seat.

The Porto Mobility Ranger X6 offers the durability and lightweight portability you crave in a power wheelchair, and it comes with virtually no maintenance.

Click here to see more information and pricing for the Porto Ranger X6 on Amazon

3. Sentire Med Forza D09 Folding Power Wheelchair

Sentire Med Forza D09 Deluxe Fold Foldable Power Compact Mobility Aid Wheel Chair
Sentire Med Forza Folding Power Wheelchair

The Sentire Med Forza D09 is a folding electric wheelchair that is both lightweight and compact. Easy-to-store, the D09 doesn’t require disassembly to fold, and folding takes just 5 seconds from start to finish.

A handle under the seat makes transport easy, and the unit’s size is small enough when folded that it will fit into most smaller trunks with ease.

An aluminum aircraft alloy frame is present that has matching footrests. This model also features:

  • Dual power motors
  • Dual lithium batteries
  • Smart touch movement
  • 250W motors for easy hill climbing
  • Large post-traction wheels for traction on gravel and dirt
  • Support up to 396 pounds
  • Solid front and rear times
  • 5″ ground clearance
  • Battery-life indicator.

The D09 is a feature-rich motorized wheelchair that provides capable, dependable transport for heavy and small users alike. We think this is one of the best electric wheelchairs you can find today.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the Senza folding electric wheelchair.

4. Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair

Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair
Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair

Forcemech offers a power wheelchair that’s called the Voyager R2, and it’s dubbed an ultra-portable wheelchair. The R2 weighs a mere 43 pounds, and it folds down to a sleek 23″ x 13″ x 30″ in dimensions.

Folding and unfolding takes seconds, and the chair has been entirely designed to be ergonomic.

Superior craftsmanship makes the R2 the ideal choice for airplane and cruise traveling needs. This model also comes with on-demand support, so if there’s ever an issue, it will be corrected promptly.

The R2 powered wheelchair features:

  • Dual 6Ah lithium batteries
  • Metal alloy frame
  • 8-mile-per-battery distance (16 total miles)
  • 5″ clearance height
  • 2 brushless motors
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake
  • 265 maximum weight capacity

The Voyager R2 is a lightweight, long-distance foldaway wheelchair that is powerful and ideal for travel. While one of the most compact, foldable electric wheelchair models, the R2 does have a lower weight capacity that makes it a poor fit for users over 265 pounds.

Click here to view pricing and availability on the ForceMech Voyager R2.

5. EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12 Power Wheelchair

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12
EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12

The EZ Lite Cruiser DX12 is a small, lightweight foldable, electric wheelchair that weighs only 62 pounds. You don’t need to install a lift on your car because this model folds away for compact trunk storage.

Users up to 305 pounds can confidently rely on this wheelchair.

Turning radius is a small 33 inches, allowing users to get into tight areas with ease. Dual lithium batteries are available, with each battery offering 10 miles of usage per charge. Users can confidently use the EZ Lite Cruiser for up to 20 miles before needing to recharge.

The DX12 features:

  • Dual lithium batteries
  • 1000 power cycle
  • 20-mile distance on two batteries
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Removable seat and seat covering
  • Left or right-side joystick mount
  • 10″ rear wheels
  • 5″ front wheels
  • Back support with 5 reclining positions

The DX12 is a great option for a motorized wheelchair that has an extremely long distance (20 miles), ample clearing height and wheels large enough to traverse most terrain with ease. The unit’s reclining function provides added comfort to users that are in their chair for prolonged periods of time.

Click here to view pricing and availability on the EZ Lite Cruiser.

6. ComfyGO Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGO Electric Wheelchair Folding Motorized Power Wheelchairs
ComfyGO Electric Wheelchair

The ComfyGo Lightweight foldable electric wheelchair is ideal for travelling and quick transport. The folding wheelchair has removable handrails, aluminum alloy construction, seat and back cushions that are breathable, and a lithium battery.

ComfyGo features:

  • Universal controller for easy direction changes
  • 8″ front wheels
  • Breathable backrest and cushions
  • Foldable in seconds
  • Manual brakes
  • Detachable All-Direction Joystick
  • Larger, rubber wheels designed for added sturdiness
  • Full charge distance of 12 miles
  • Solid front wheels with skid and shock resistance
  • Removable footrest

With batteries included, this model weighs 80 pounds. The weight capacity is 275 pounds, so while it can accommodate less weight, it’s still smaller and offers ample runtime on its dual battery function.

Click here to view pricing and availability on the ComfyGo lightweight electric wheelchair.

7. ComfyGO Best Rated Exclusive Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGO Exclusive Deluxe Electric Wheelchair Motorized Foldable
ComfyGo Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGO’s lightweight electric wheelchair makes it easy to travel. Easy to transport and control, this wheelchair complements all types of travelers.

The ComfyGO deluxe electric wheelchair offers the following:

  • Travel Distance: 13 miles
  • Weight: 64lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 365lbs.
  • Battery Capacity: 12Ah
  • Motor Power: 250W x 2
  • Frame: Aerospace magnesium alloy
  • Travel Speed: 4 MPH

This electric power wheelchair comes equipped with two powerful 250W motors that allow you to travel at up to 4 MPH. On a single charge, this chair will go up to 13 miles, and recharging takes just 6-8 hours. The chair is capable of using two batteries to achieve the maximum travel distance of 13 miles.

When you’re ready to leave, the chair folds up in less than five seconds, so you can easily take it with you where you need to go.

ComfyGO’s chair has a unique feature: Bluetooth remote controller. This allows you to control your wheelchair from a distance. You can also remove the joystick and place it on either the left or ride side of the chair.

This ergonomically designed chair can navigate a wide range of terrains, from gravel to grass and snow. The built-in shock absorber allows for a smoother ride. The front tires are solid, while the back tires are inflatable.

The only drawback with this chair is that it doesn’t offer any storage options. However, you can purchase separate storage pouches to attach to the chair if needed.

As far as safety is concerned, the bright yellow frame improves visibility, and the controller also has a horn button to alert others of your presence when needed.

If you enjoy traveling and need a lightweight power chair to get you to your destinations, the ComfyGO is a great choice.

Click here for more information and pricing for the ComfyGo Deluxe electric wheelchair on Amazon

8. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Electric Wheelchair

Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Wheelchair
Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Wheelchair

Drive Medical’s Cirrus Plus heavy duty power wheelchair comes in three sizes: 18″, 20″ and 29W. This model is meant for long-term use and durability, and despite its steel cross-brace frame, it’s still lightweight and is a foldable electric wheelchair. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The controller is programmable, and it comes with an adjustable length mount.

Ground clearance is a generous 4″, and there’s easy freewheel operation. The unit can climb at a 6-degree angle, and there’s adjustable tension, a padded back, storage pouch and a cushioned seat.

Armrests are also removable and adjustable. Swing-away footrests are present with heel loops. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus features:

  • Foldable, lightweight design
  • Swing away footrests
  • Seatbelt
  • Pouch
  • Programmable controller
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Battery weight of 56 pounds
  • Max speed of 5.5 mph
  • Weight without battery: 90 pounds

Drive Medical’s Cirrus powered wheelchair is a bit on the heavy side, but it’s a durable motorized wheelchair that can withstand rugged, daily use.

Click here to view pricing and availabilityon the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding electric wheelchair.

9. Electric Wheelchairs Silla de Ruedas

Alton Medical’s Silla de Ruedas mobility scooter
Alton Medical’s Silla de Ruedas mobility scooter

Alton Medical’s Silla de Ruedas mobility scooter is FDA approved, and it’s also approved for both airplane and cruise ship travel.

This lightweight, durable chair offers the following features:

  • Travel Distance: 13 miles
  • Weight: 75lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 265lbs.
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 38”L x 27”W x 38”H
  • Battery Capacity: 6Ah x 2
  • Motor Power: 250W x 2
  • Frame: Aircraft allow grade carbon steel
  • Travel Speed: 4 MPH
  • Turning Radius: 33”

The Silla de Ruedas chair is easy to handle, and it doesn’t require any disassembly. It folds up in five seconds or less, and it can easily fit into most trunks with ease.

The 360-degree waterproof joystick allows for smooth, one-handed operation and quick stopping. The anti-leaning rear makes this chair stable.

The backrest and seat cushion can also be removed for easy cleaning. Both are made from breathable materials for added comfort.

This electric power wheelchair can travel up to 13 miles on a single charge if you use both batteries, and the dual 250W motors allow for powerful operation. The battery recharges in just 6-8 hours, so you can be ready to go the next morning.

The Silla de Ruedas is a great option for anyone who travels often and needs a reliable chair to get where they need to go. It’s easy to recharge this chair, and you can take it on an airplane or cruise ship with ease. The frame is lightweight and durable, and the 33” turning radius means that you can navigate through tight spaces without much difficulty.

Click here for more information about the Alton Medical wheelchair on Amazon

10. Innuovo Electric Foldable Wheelchair

Innuovo Electric Wheelchair Power Chair Lightweight Wheelchair
Innuovo Electric Power Lightweight Wheelchair

Innuovo’s electric, fold up wheelchair has been FDA approved, and even with the battery, the unit weighs just 50 pounds. The model is built for safety, and it can support up to 330 pounds to hold most users with ease.

Joy stick control is offered along with rear wheels that have been upgraded for additional safety.

Two batteries allow for a full charge to go for 12.5 miles, or 6.25 miles per battery. Anti-tippers ensure that the wheelchair never tips over while the seatbelt holds users firmly in place.

The wheelchair features:

  • Speeds up to 4.5 km/h
  • Support up to 330 pounds
  • Quick fold option
  • Easy handle option
  • Tires that rotate 360 degrees
  • 180W double motor

Innuovo’s lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling just got better with this model. Larger rear tires with a 360-degree rotation allow for maximum maneuverability on all terrain types.

Click here to view pricing and availability on the Innuvo Travel Power Wheelchair.

Click here if you are also looking for a manual lightweight wheelchair. We review some of our favorite models that are great if you don’t require an electric wheelchair.

How Much Does a Power Wheelchair Cost?

An electric power chair is expensive, but it’s a small price to pay for a person that wants to regain their mobility. Power chairs can cost $1,500 to $7,000+ with CostHelper claiming that the average mobility scooter costs $7,132.

Conducting our own research on electric wheelchairs that are not custom and are readily available, we came out with a much different figure.

Travel power wheelchairs can be as low as $749 for a highly-rated model. But we’re also finding:

  • Electric wheelchairs that are foldable for $999
  • Low-end larger chairs for $1,495
  • High-end standing wheelchairs for $12,199
  • High-end rehab chairs for $4,299 to $5,400

You can find most chairs for under $4,000, and there are plenty of options between the $1,000 and $3,700 range that will suffice for travel, long outings and provide exceptional range, too.

If you plan to spend $2,000 to $2,500 on an electric wheelchair, you’ll find that there are a lot of highly rated wheelchairs available. You’ll be able to become mobile again without breaking the bank in the process.

What Options Should I Consider When Buying an Electric Wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are not cheap. Therefore, you should spend a lot of time considering what options you need before committing to a mobility aid purchase. A few of the most critical options to any power chair are:

Battery and Maximum Range

Battery and maximum range are essential to know about when purchasing a power chair. You’ll want to know a few crucial details about your battery:

  • How fast does it charge?
  • How long does it hold a charge?

And you’ll also want to know about the maximum range of the battery. You may be able to use your wheelchair for 10 miles, or you may find that a wheelchair has two batteries that can be swapped out to offer an even higher range.

The further the maximum range, the more expensive a power chair will be.

If you don’t go on long excursions, you may find that a 4 – 5 mile range is more than sufficient. A range of this length will allow you to go on most indoor and outdoor outings without fear that your battery will deplete part way through.

Weight Capacity and Height Adjustment Options

There is a weight capacity limit on wheelchairs. If you’re over this capacity, you may cause the maximum range to suffer and you may also cause damage to the wheelchair. Always look at the chair’s capacity to find a model that will be able to accommodate your weight.

Height is also a concern.

A wheelchair should have height adjustment options that ensure that you fit safely in the wheelchair. You should be able to adjust the wheelchairs arms and length of the footrests to be able to fit properly.

You may also find chairs that can recline backwards.

Type Of Terrain

Where will you be using your mobility aid primarily? You need to consider the terrain that you’ll be traversing as well as the height of your chair’s tires. You’ll find that there are power wheelchairs for:

  • All terrain which come with large tires and can go on grass, dirt or even the beach
  • Indoor options which will have smaller tires
  • Indoor and outdoor combos which can go on the pavement but may be difficult going on grass or dirt

The tires will make a big difference. Indoor tires are skinny and used for easily mobility while outdoor tires are wider, larger and have a medium knobby thread and are best for uneven terrain.

Optional Accessories

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your wheelchair, and there are accessories that can make your life more comfortable. A few of the optional accessories that may come in handy are:

  • Basket
  • Waterproof joystick cover
  • Additional cushioning
  • Attachments for canes or crutches
  • Cup holders

You may have to buy some of these accessories separately, but they are available to make your life more comfortable.

Tips for Traveling with a Power Chair

If you’re traveling with your power chair, there are a lot of tips that can make your life easier. The first tip is to purchase a foldable wheelchair that allows you to easily pack the wheelchair in the trunk.

You’ll also want to consider the following:

  • Use your carrying travel bag or basket to hold a urinal for long trips. You may be able to use the bathroom to relieve yourself, and it will be much easier if you have a urinal available.
  • Fly through major airports and always call ahead for assistance. Airports will often ask a traveler in a wheelchair if they need help when flying, but when there are multiple stops, the message can be lost in transit. You’ll still be able to be assisted, but you’ll have to wait for the assistant to call for help and may be stuck on the plane for far longer than you had hoped.
  • Always charge your battery before going on any long trips. You want to make sure that your travel plans are not interrupted by a chair’s battery dying.
  • Consider the benefits and drawbacks of a non-stop flight. If you have to stay on the plane for 12 hours and cannot relieve yourself, it may be best to choose a flight that has stops. More stops will mean that there are more transfers involved, so you’re removing one barrier of flying and presenting another.
  • Ensure that handicap accessible transport is arranged. It’s difficult enough for you to travel, and when traveling with a power chair, you’ll need to make sure that you have adequate transport scheduled. You may be able to use a van or larger vehicle if you have a foldable power chair.
  • Bring power adapters and chargers. You should look for a power converter when traveling internationally so that you can adequately charge your chair when you arrive and before departing.
  • Power chairs can and do break, and when this happens, it can put a damper on any travel plans you may have. Before going on your trip, it’s recommended that you research any repair companies in the area and write down all of their numbers. If a repair is needed, it’s best to be prepared for the situation

Who Should Use a Power Wheelchair?

Unsure if you need a power wheelchair or not? These two points can help you make a better purchasing decision.

Power wheelchairs are best for those who:

  • Need help pushing a standard wheelchair
  • Need assistance when traveling
  • Travel often and can’t use a manual chair
  • Like to travel long distances in your chair

Power wheelchairs may not be best for those who:

  • Don’t need assistance propelling a manual chair
  • Don’t travel often
  • Can walk with a cane, walker, crutches or other mobility aid
  • Cannot sit upright

Ultimately, you’ll find that the decision to purchase a lightweight electric wheelchair should fall in the hands of your doctors and therapists. You may be recovering from a spinal injury where propelling a chair manually can be beneficial for you. It is best to consult your physician if you are unsure.

However, you may also have a lack of mobility that doesn’t allow you to use a standard manual wheelchair or to use a manual wheelchair safely. In this case, a power chair can help increase your mobility while reducing risk of injury.


With a folding power wheelchairs or mobility scooters there is no need to buy an expensive van and lift system. You’ll even be able to bring many them with you on an airplane or anywhere else you travel. They are a functional, easy way to bring mobility back into your life.

Battery life has advanced to the point where many of the best models can go 15+ miles on a single charge. Dual motors add power to the system as well as add security in knowing that your chair will not malfunction and leave you stranded when one motor goes haywire.

We’ve done a lot of research to find you the best fold-up electric wheelchair on the market this year. We hope this post helped you find the right model for your needs.

Choosing the Best Type of Wheelchair For Your Needs

wheelchairs for elderly

Choosing the best wheelchair for your needs requires a complete understanding of the types of wheelchairs available. You can have a wheelchair custom-made, but this is a costly option that is only a must in select circumstances: a wheelchair that accounts for a bed sore, for example.

Types of Wheelchairs Available

Lightweight Wheelchair

Fly Light wheelchairLightweight wheelchairs (you can see our favorites here) weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. Light in weight, these wheelchairs are durable enough for daily use, but they’re meant to be easy to transport. These options often fold, and they’re what most users would want in a wheelchair that they plan on traveling with.

You can fold many of these chairs up and place them in the trunk of a car.

Caregivers helping you with a lightweight wheelchair will struggle less with moving or picking up the chair.

You’ll find ultra-lightweight models that can weigh as little as ten pounds, but they have a very high price tag. Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for anyone that:

  • Travels
  • Can walk, but not walk long distances

Lightweight wheelchairs have lower weight limits than a heavy-duty model, so a user that is heavier may need to choose a heavy-duty or bariatric model.

Sport models that are lower to the ground and designed for the sports enthusiast are also available. These chairs are often lightweight, but they’re built for speed. Users that want to play basketball or enter the special Olympics often have sport models because they’re designed for speed.

Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

bariatric wheelchairHeavy-duty wheelchairs are also called bariatric wheelchairs, and these models are meant for heavier adults that still want to be independent and mobile. These models are designed to be:

  • Wider
  • Heavier

The added width accommodates the user’s size and allows the wheelchair to hold more weight. Bariatric wheelchairs can hold users that are 250+ pounds, but there are other models that can hold users of 400+ pounds.

Steel construction allows for added weight to be held, but it makes the wheelchair heavier. The heavier weight makes the wheelchair difficult to pick up, so a van that has wheelchair straps is ideal.

Seat material may also have added support to allow for a more comfortable time in the wheelchair.

The main difference between heavy-duty models and lightweight models is that this model is:

  • Wider in size, making it more difficult to fit in some doors.
  • Accommodates higher weights
  • Meant for users that need to use a wheelchair most of the time

Bariatric wheelchairs also have accessories that can make the life of the user safer. These models may have anti-tip bars, attachments, adjustable arms and adjustable foot rests to name a few.

Transport Wheelchair

transport wheelchairTransport chairs are the ideal choice for someone that has a caregiver to help them around and is suffering from limited mobility. Transport chairs can’t be operated by the person sitting in them, so they allow for an easy way to keep a patient immobile, too.

Transport chairs can be lighter than 15 pounds, and they are easy to fold.

Folding these chairs down is easy, and they will fold to nearly flat in size, so they’re very easy to transport. The light weight design makes this the ideal choice for anyone that:

  • Can’t propel themselves
  • Has a caregiver that pushes their wheelchair
  • Travels often and needs an easy means of transport

There are times when a transport chair is the optimal choice even if a person can propel themselves. A long-distance trip that requires someone else to push is often easier because the transport chair is very light.

When a person is sick or in the recovery process, transport chairs offer an essential means of transportation.

A person that is permanently in a wheelchair will often benefit from having a traditional wheelchair alongside a transport chair. One of the key most important things to remember is that a transport chair can hold more weight in many cases. A lot of these chairs are built to accommodate users that are 400 to 450 pounds.

They’re a great choice for quick and easy transport.

Reclining Wheelchair

Medline reclining wheelchairReclining wheelchairs (you can see our favorites here) allow for maximum adjustment. These wheelchairs allow for body positioning adjustments that other wheelchairs don’t offer. A user can be tilted back, and this is a lot more than just about comfort.

The ability to recline backwards offers several benefits:

  • Reclining allows for added comfort and ease of activity
  • Body weight pressure is adjusted, reducing pressure sores
  • Circulation is improved, allowing for less swelling and symptoms of edema
  • Transfers from a reclining wheelchair are easier than in a standard wheelchair
  • Certain forms of medical treatment are easier when the patient is reclined

Reclining wheelchairs can be propelled by the user, but the back rest is higher. These wheelchairs have quick handle adjustments, making it easy to recline and return the wheelchair back to its normal position.

Weight capacity and seat width vary, so keep this in mind when choosing the right wheelchair for your needs.

Motor-powered Wheelchair

electric wheelchairMotor-powered or electric wheelchairs have a battery that powers them. Heavy-duty in design, these wheelchairs are very heavy. You’ll find that the only way to transport these wheelchairs is with a van, but they’re the best option for anyone with very limited arm function.

There are also specialized models that can be completely controlled by the user’s breath.

Electric wheelchairs do need to be recharged, so the main disadvantage is that these wheelchairs can die on the user. There are a lot of moving parts, so the chair will require more maintenance and upkeep.

Moving the wheelchair manually may be possible with a caregiver if the battery dies, but it’s an impractical option to move the chair manually otherwise.

The weight limit of these chairs varies, so make sure the model you choose is able to accommodate your weight if you’re a heavier user.

2-in-1 Models and Options

There’s a new trend in wheelchairs, and this is the 2-in-1 transport wheelchair. You’ll find a few models that can be used as a transport wheelchair and a rollator. What makes this a great option is the quick ability to switch between a chair and a rollator.

A user that has difficulty walking long distances may benefit from these chairs.

Transport is easy, too.

Lightweight and transport wheelchair models are also available. This combo allows for a chair that’s easier to transport and lighter than a heavy-duty chair. But these 2-in-1 models are also heavier, so that’s their main drawback.

In the event that none of the wheelchair options can accommodate your size, the best option is to have a custom chair created. A physical therapist or you doctor can also recommend the best wheelchair for your needs.

Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair Review

Medline Excel Reclining WheelchairMedline’s Excel reclining wheelchair offers an affordable, durable reclining wheelchair that adds to the user’s mobility without costing a fortune in the process. The good news is that Medline knows that users aren’t created equal, so they offer four different seat width options:

  • 16″
  • 18″
  • 20″
  • 22″

While the width of the seat changes, each chair allows for the same great features.

Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair Features

  • Width: 16″ – 22″
  • Weight Limit: 300 pounds
  • Back Height: 22″
  • Angle adjust back
  • Reclining back option
  • Removable armrests
  • Elevating leg rests
  • Removable leg rests
  • Folding frame type
  • 90-degree to 140-degree recline
  • Carbon steel frame

Medline Excel Wheelchair

Medline’s Excel reclining wheelchair lineup allows for a lightweight (47 pound) folding wheelchair that adds to the user’s mobility and aids in comfort. The chair’s back can be reclined to allow for easy feeding or relaxing.

Users can have their legs elevated to allow for better bloodflow and to allow for swelling relief or help for people recently having their leg put in a cast or splint.

When reclining, a quick-adjust handle allows the user to recline the chair 90-degrees to 140-degrees for maximum comfort when sitting. The chair comes at a standard desk length and has removable armrests to allow for an easier time placing the wheelchair under a table or surface.

Carbon steel is used on the frame along with chip-resistant chrome to keep the chair looking sleek for years to come.

Vinyl is used for upholstery to allow for a durable, long-lasting surface that remains clean and bacteria-free. If the user needs to enter an automobile or the wheelchair is not in use, it can be folded up for storage. The chair is just 13″ wide when folded, so it will fit in even the smallest trunk of a car or in the backseat. If you are looking for a regular lightweight wheelchair, you can see a few that we recommend here.

The seat depth is 17″ to allow for tall and short users to comfortably sit in the wheelchair.

A cushion may be required if sitting in the chair for extended periods of time. While comfortable, the padding is thin to allow for the chair to fold up to just 13″ in width.

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Questions About the Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair

The most common questions among users are:

  1. Can the headrest be removed? The headrest is fully detachable.
  2. Do the leg supports fold? The leg supports will pivot to the side to allow the user to enter the chair unhindered.
  3. Does the top of the chair be removed? The extended backrest can be removed to allow the wheelchair to be placed in an automobile with greater ease. The manufacturer recommends removing the headrest, armrest and back during storage to reduce space requirements.
  4. Does the chair fit in a normal-size car? Remove the appropriate pieces, and the wheelchair will fit in most autos.
  5. Can a person over 300 pounds use this chair? The chair is rated at 300 pounds. Any user in excess of 300 pounds is using the Medline at their own risk.

Users have a lot to say about the Medline Excel reclining wheelchair. The pros and cons of this chair are the most commonly praised or discussed features.


  • Adjustable back allows for added comfort during extended use
  • Sturdy construction and easy to maneuver
  • Removable headrest and armrest allow for customization


  • No front back adjustment control limits mobility

The wheelchair allows users to push the chair on their own. When mobility is of the utmost importance, it’s essential to be able to propel the wheelchair on your own. There are brakes that allow the chair to remain steady.

Users who want to be able to recline on their own will note that the handle to recline is only on the back of the chair, so it’s impossible to recline on your own.

A lack of a front recline lever is for safety reasons so that a user doesn’t get stuck in the reclined position. When it comes to comfort, the chair allows for a lot of detachable pieces to customize the chair as much as possible.

You can even remove the back rest when storing the chair.

Durable and long-lasting, this is a great chair when comfort and mobility are a person’s top priority. With numerous width options offered, the Medline Excel wheelchair offers options for wider users despite having a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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Step Mobility: 3 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps For Your Home

wheelchair ramps

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that we live in a world that wasn’t designed for people in a wheelchair. Your home may have a wheelchair lift, but how many times have you tried to enter a place of business or go to a friend’s home and not be able to get your wheelchair in the door?

For many people this is a daily occurrence and a major inconvenience. However, owning a portable wheelchair ramp will provide you with the freedom and maximum mobility no matter where you go.

These ramps can help you with:

  • Getting over steps
  • Accessing vehicles like vans (in some cases)

There are some options you should consider when shopping for the ideal model for you:

  • Note the weight capacity. Make sure it will be sufficient enough to hold you and your wheelchair’s weight. If you have an electric wheelchair then you must account for its weight.
  • Width and length matter, too, as shorter lengths will produce a higher incline.
  • The weight of a portable unit should be light enough to allow for you to carry it around with relative ease.

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing three different styles of temporary wheelchair ramps, and each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Top 3 Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Prairie View Industries SFW430

best wheelchair rampThe Prairie View SFW430 is a portable ramp that is 4 feet in length and 30 inches in width. This allows for a nice and smooth elevation. Perfect for a scooter or wheelchair, this model offers a 4” to 8” rise at its highest peak.

When not in use, this model can be folded in half for easy storage.

What’s special about this portable ramp is that it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds. This allows even heavier electric wheelchairs to be able to use the ramp in most cases.

A handle is present on the ramp, too, that allows the ramp to be carried much like a suitcase. In total, this unit weighs 20 pounds, and it’s designed to offer easy mobility over steps. Some users have used this model over two or three steps, but it does have difficulty with long steps.


  • Lightweight and long
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Not ideal for under thresholds under 3 inches

Besides this ramp not being able to be used on thresholds of under 4”, this is a great ramp that’s affordable and has a high weight capacity.

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Titan Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Titan portable wheelchair rampThis ramp is the Titan MF6, and it has a very long length of 6 feet – an entire 24” longer in length than the SFW430. This model also has a 2.5” angled lip, and the weight capacity of the unit is 600 pounds.

A soft nylon handle is present for easy carrying, but this unit is heavier at 40 pounds.

The unit can be folded up, and it’s meant for wheelchairs and scooters – walking is not recommended.

If you need a longer ramp, this is a great option. You’ll be able to offer a more gradual decline, and it can span over more than one step in a lot of cases.


  • Long length for gradual decline
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Comes fully assembled


  • 40-pound weight

This ramp is heavy, and if a person does fold it up, they may need help setting it up in some cases. But for a longer ramp, this is to be expected. If you need a longer ramp, this is a good choice at 6-feet in length.

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Rage Powersports SCG-2 Single Fold

RAGE POWERSPORTS SCG-2 SINGLE FOLD rampThe SCG-2 is a lightweight ramp that is made from aluminum. The unit does fold in half for easy storage, and there are pre-drilled holes that allow the ramp to be mounted properly.

A carrying handle allows the unit to be transported with ease, and there is an attaching lip that will work on any surface type.

What’s unique about this model is that it’s very durable and weighs just 11 pounds. The dimensions of the unit are:

  • 29” width
  • 24” length

This is a sturdy and durable ramp.


  • One of the lightest ramps on the market
  • Affordable and offers pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Security pins allow the unit to remain safely in place


  • Not great for more than one step

When used over two steps, this ramp will be quite steep, which is a concern for users. It’s a great option for one step, but you always want to be careful with the decline so that you don’t roll too quickly down the ramp.

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Best Reclining Wheelchair in 2020 – Durable, Inexpensive and Reliable

reclining wheelchair reviews
reclining wheelchair

Just as its name suggests, a reclining wheelchair is a wheelchair with a reclining backrest. Typically light in weight, these chairs are ideal for users with orthostatic hypotension and hip extension contractures. They also allow you to redistribute pressure to avoid skin breakdown.

Aside from this, a reclining manual wheelchair can also make life a little more comfortable for people who use them as their primary means of mobility. The reclining feature moves incrementally to maximize safety and support while also preventing pressure sores.

ModelWeight CapacityWeightMore Information
Drive Medical Sentra
Drive Medical Sentra
up to 300 pounds64 pounds
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Drive Medical Silver Sport
Drive Medical Silver Sport
up to 300 pounds63 pounds
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Medline Excel

Medline Excel
up to 350 pounds~55 pounds
buy now from Amazon

The Difference between a Conventional and Recliner Wheelchair

The primary difference between a conventional and recliner wheelchair is, of course, the reclining feature.

The anatomy, or design, of the chair is a little different, too. Most reclining models have higher backs and additional calf support to make the reclining feature as supportive and safe as possible.

Many also have a tilt feature, which pivots the seat, to further prevent skin breakdown (i.e. bed sores). Tilting helps to evenly spread the weight, which prevents pressure-related sores.

In most cases, both the reclining and the tilt features are controlled using a hand brake system. This system is usually on the handles at the back of the chair to prevent the user from accidentally reclining while moving.

Who Can Benefit from a Wheelchair Recliner?

Most users can benefit from a wheelchair with a reclining back, but some will benefit more than others.

The ideal candidate for this type of wheelchair is someone who needs extra support and has issues with skin breakdown. Reclining chairs can also be a good fit for elderly users who may get drowsy when out with friends or family.

Young and more active users may want to avoid this type of wheelchair. Most models cannot be self-propelled, and they can be a bit heavier than lightweight chairs. Some reclining models only have four small wheels, which makes them nearly impossible to propel with your arms.

These chairs are fairtypically cannot be folded up and stored in the trunk of a car, so if transportability is a concern, a reclining chair may not be the best option for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Reclining Back Wheelchair

There are several features that you should be looking for when buying a wheelchair with a reclining back:

  • Adjustable Armrests: For personalized comfort, you want a chair that offers adjustable armrests. Ideally, the armrests will also flip up or can be removed altogether to make it easier to get in and out of the chair.
  • Tilt Feature: A tilt feature helps prevent skin breakdowns as it helps distribute the weight evenly.
  • Cushion and Seat Pan: Look for models that have a comfortable cushion. The seat pan should be solid to better support the cushion.
  • Anti-Tipping Feature: An anti-tipping feature can prevent the chair from accidently tipping backwards.

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Our Top 3 Reclining Wheelchair Picks

To help you find the right reclining high back wheelchair, we’ve hand-picked three best-selling models that meet all or most of the criteria above.

1.      Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair

Drive Medical Silver Sport

The Silver Sport reclining chair from Drive Medical uses a hydraulic reclining system to allow for virtually limitless adjustments up to 180-degrees.

With calf and extended arm support, this chair allows users to safely recline to their desired position without straining muscles or joints. The leg rests can be elevated to prevent sores on the feet and calves, and they can also be swung away from the chair for easy entry and exit.

The Mag-style wheels are virtually maintenance-free and lightweight for easy use. And because the wheels are set back on the frame, this chair cannot be tipped backwards.

The nylon upholstery is comfortable, while the carbon steel frame creates an attractive look.

The durability, design and safety features of this chair make it one of our favorite models on the market. In our opinion, we feel the Drive Medical Silver Sport is the best reclining wheelchair you can buy in 2020.

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2.      Drive Medical Sentra Reclining Wheelchair

Drive Medical Sentra

Drive Medical’s Sentra is a high back reclining wheelchair with a similar design to our previous pick. The primary difference between the two is the backrest design.

The hydraulic reclining mechanism allows you to adjust the backrest to virtually any position you please up to 180 degrees. A cushioned head immobilizer keeps the head and neck in a safe position, while the elevating leg rests prevent leg sores.

The triple carbon steel frame is highly durable, and the anti-tip wheels prevent this chair from tipping backwards. The detachable desk arms are also a convenient feature.

With a weight capacity of 450 pounds, the Sentra is a great option for virtually all users.

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3.      Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair

Medline Excel reclining wheelchair

The Medline Excel offers one thing that most reclining chairs do not: portability. When not in use, this chair can be folded up and transported wherever needed.

The dual axle design allows for easy seat height adjustment. Standard anti-tippers are built in to prevent the chair from tipping backwards, while the vinyl upholstery adds to the durability of this chair.

The arms are desk length for added convenience, while the leg rests elevate to further prevent pressure sores. The leg supports also pivot out to the side to make it easy to get in and out of the chair.

The Excel’s 300-pound weight capacity makes this model a good fit for most users. As an added bonus, the headrest is removable, so you can customize the comfort level of this chair.

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